Devout Christian, but not in the [[MoralGuardians MoralGuardian]] sense. Hobbyist writer, including everything within the ''[[ Jester's Archives]]'' - most particularly, [[TroperWorks/TheCaretakerReborn The Caretaker Reborn]]. Hobbyist artist, as displayed [[ on deviantArt]]. OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent, despite a lifelong background in homeschooling. Absolute squeeing fanboy of TimeTravel, TimeStandsStill, BulletTime, and anything related. And of course, Troper.

I'm only giving myself a contributor page now because I didn't feel like I warranted one until I'd YKTTW'd at least three separate tropes. Well, here you go:
* CelebrityPower.
* InertiaIsACruelMistress.
* BulletDodgesYou.
* SayWhatYouGottaSay.
* VeryHighVelocityRounds.
* WhichMe?
* WingPull.

I'm also a major fan of all the following series:
* ''AgentsOfSHIELD''
* ''[[ Captain Gamer]]''. (Both ''Digital Defender'' and ''OOC''.)
* ''DoctorWho''.
* ''{{Gantz}}''. (Especially manga version.)
* ''{{Series/Heroes}}''.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''.