Well, this is my new account, since my old one (Anomalocaris) couldn't do stuff for some reason. It's supposed to be 2.0, but it removed the space and period.

YOU AIN'T FINDING ANYTHING OUT ABOOT ME. At least not in a public page like this. Though I'm not interesting enough to warrant further inquiry anyway. Regardless, I mostly frequent the Video Games subfora to ask annoying questions or make awful puns and obscene jokes, and occasionally wander into Forum Games when I have a new avatar or signature to show off, or am just really bored.

And now, some important thoughts.

Where's the chocolate pudding?

[[https://youtu.be/HmLAE6zi9CI?t=3m8s MY ROBOT FOOT WILL TRANSFORM INTO A ROBOT WITH YOUR ROBOT ROBOT ROBOT ROBOT ROBOT]] [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Screen_of_Death *Dun*]]

You should stop reading this page, there's nothing else interesting on it.

No, really, cut it out.

I'm warning you, this won't end well.

Whatever you do, don't read the spoiler.

For your sake, please don't.

Turn back. You can't handle it.