Hello. [[CaptainObvious My screen name is Androgeos]], although I used "Altiris" as a screen name for quite some time. I live in Singapore, and my hobbies are using the computer, writing, eating and doing nothing.

Since this is TV Tropes, I've decided to describe myself by doing it like a regular article, and in a fashion that nobody should ever take seriously. I hope it helps.

!!This contributor has created the following articles:
* JetsNGuns
** [[{{ShoutOut/JetsNGuns}} Shout Out]]
* VideoGame/NeedForMadness

!!This contributor is currently playing the following games:
* VideoGame/{{MapleStory}}: I've been playing [=MapleSEA=] since 2007, although I went on extended hiatus twice. Because I'm a casual player, I take a much, ''much'' longer time to level up than even the estimates provided by this Wiki's article on it.
* VideoGame/NeedForMadness: I've been playing ''[=NFM1=]'' since 2005 and moved on to newer games in the series when they are released. The games don't allow cheating, so the article I created for this game is based on sheer gaming experience.
* VideoGame/RaptorCallOfTheShadows: One of the first computer games I ever played, alongside [=BioMenace=], and I ''still'' play it from time to time. I'm good, but I've seen other players pull off more ridiculous feats.
* VideoGame/{{RollerCoaster Tycoon}}: My cousin lent me his copy of the original when I was 10. I've been hooked to the series ever since. I also own ''[=RollerCoaster=] Tycoon 2'' and its two expansion packs. In recent months, I've been fortunate enough to run my copy of ''[=RollerCoaster=] Tycoon 3'' off computers with decent hardware and [=GPU=]s. If it wasn't for MapleStory, I'd be playing it more often.
* VideoGame/{{SimCity}}: The Deluxe Edition of ''[=SimCity=] 4''. I also have ''[=SimCity=] 2000'' stashed somewhere, but [[OvershadowedByAwesome I no longer play it]].
* VideoGame/{{SPISPOPD}}: I have a copy of ''Supreme With Cheese''. Hard difficulty is my choice on any level.
* VideoGame/{{TrackMania}} Nations Forever: I'm ranked within the top 250 000 players on the worldwide ladder, [[BraggingRightsReward not that it says much]]. I usually play on the Mini [=LoOOoL=] ツ or тм Beginner [=FreeZones=] in Germany.
* VideoGame/{{Tyrian}}: I have uncovered every secret there is to ''Tyrian 2000'' from playing it, as well as cheating in [=ENGAGE=] mode. Slow speed and Hard difficulty is my preference when I'm not cheating. My preferred weapons loadout is a (constant) Laser, Sonic Wave, Companion Ship Gerund, Protron Cannon Tangerine and the SDF Main Gun.

!!This contributor provides examples of:
* AlwaysSecondBest: I never aim to be first, because everyone else is aiming for first. I gun for second, and I find it much easier to get.
* CaptainOblivious: Was called this after annoying too many Internet users over my lack of knowledge regarding anything that is mainstream. It's not as if I ''want'' to know, anyway.
* ChaoticGood / ChaoticNeutral: I waffle between Type 1 ChaoticGood and Type 4 ChaoticNeutral. Rule of thumb: if I'm thinking or not feeling happy, I'm much closer to the latter. Only when I'm in very high spirits and not thinking that much am I closer to the former.
* DeathGlare: My normal flat facial expression appears to be this.
* DeterminedDefeatist: I come from a line of laymen who have a can-do approach to everything. Mix that with the way I tend to look at things and you get this.
* ForgetfulJones: Just look at my edit history! Very often, I spot other errors in an article only after I submit my first edit.
* HypeAversion: In my dictionary, the definition of "mainstream" is the same as the definition of "rubbish".
* InsultBackfire: Having been called a moron, a lunatic and oblivious by members of the Internet communities I visit, I now regard these adjectives as compliments if they are directed at me.
* TheLancer: I'm forever envious of people in positions of great power, but I'd hate to be placed in a similar position. I also like to work alone to help a team. I ''can'' work in a team, of course, but I doubt I would be just as effective.
* LiteralMinded: When I first came out on the Internet, I was pretty much this. I've managed to distance myself a little from this trope in recent months, but jokes and comments made in SarcasmMode to me may still fall flat on occasion.
* MotorMouth: I've been told in person that I speak too fast. On a personal note, I cannot recite the first two paragraphs of the invoked trope's article without taking three ''very'' deep breaths.
* NoSocialSkills: Slightly above the bar, but not by much. Enough to be on neutral terms with almost everybody I meet, but not enough to sympathise with or befriend them.
* PerpetualFrowner: Unfortunately, my flat face is also comes off like this, even to myself.
* TheQuietOne: I don't like talking, especially when I'm doing something else (which is basically ''everything else'').
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: I consider rule-bending to be something that needs to be done when the situation needs it. Like how Dettol boasts that it can kill a percentage of germs when you use it, 99.9% of scenarios do not require it. That's my take on this, at least.