[[caption-width-right:78:I once looked just like this... without the fox/cat face, of course...]]

Iím just someone who ended up caught in the addictive black hole that is TVTropes. After some time reading and [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife ruining my life]], I decided to contribute writing articles for it. (Of course, my life has also been [[SugarWiki/TvTropesWillEnhanceYourLife improved]] thanks to the site... although my language has become '''[[TVTropesWillRuinYourVocabulary horrible]]''', so it all evens out... I think).

In this site I tend to roam through pages randomly, but I usually can be found on the Useful Notes section.

On a more personal level, Iím a 25-year old man from Chile (you know, the straight line next to Argentina); an Industrial Civil Engineer [[strike:but sadly without a job]] and ''finally with a job!'' (well, it's a low-brow one, but a job nevertheless... as [[ElChavoDelOcho Don Ramón]] used to say: "There's no bad job; the bad thing is having to work"). As an aside, I try my hand at writing: not only allows me to exercise my imagination but itís also cheaper than visiting a psychiatrist.

!!Some of my favorite stuff:


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''CardcaptorSakura''
* ''CowboyBebop''
* ''DetectiveConan''
* ''DragonBall''
* ''{{Inuyasha}}''
* ''MagicKnightRayearth''
* ''MahouSenseiNegima''
* ''{{Medabots}}''
* ''NeonGenesisEvangelion''
* ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}''
* ''PokemonSpecial''
* ''RanmaOneHalf''
* ''{{Vandread}}''

* ''{{Asterix}}''
* ''CalvinAndHobbes''
* ''ChickTracts'' - leaving all insulting things behind, it's way too over the top.
* ''{{Garfield}}''
* ''{{Mafalda}}''
* ''{{Tintin}}''
* ''{{Peanuts}}''

Films and directors (at least, those who have their own pages here):

* ''AllQuietOnTheWesternFront''
* RobertAltman
* ''ApocalypseNow''
* ''{{Baraka}}''
* IngmarBergman
* ''BicycleThieves''
* ''[[{{ptitlezupzqbhj}} Bill and Ted]]''
* FrankCapra
* ''{{Casablanca}}''
* CharlieChaplin
* ''{{Chinatown}}''
* TheCoenBrothers
* ''DasBoot''
* ''TheDecalogue''
* ''DuckSoup''
* SergeiEisenstein
* ''{{Eraserhead}}''
* FedericoFellini
* ''{{Ghostbusters}}''
* ''TheGiantClaw'' Ė come on, tell me you donít find awesome a '''Giant Antimatter Space Buzzard'''.
* TerryGilliam
* ''TheGodfather''
* ''{{Godzilla}}''
* ''AHardDaysNight''
* WernerHerzog
* AlfredHitchcock
* ''{{Inception}}''
* ''Film/{{Insomnia}}''
* ''InvasionOfTheBodySnatchers''
* BusterKeaton
* ''KindHeartsAndCoronets''
* ''KingKong''
* StanleyKubrick
* AkiraKurosawa
* FritzLang
* ''LawrenceOfArabia''
* SergioLeone
* ''LesDiaboliques''
* HaroldLloyd
* ''LockStockAndTwoSmokingBarrels''
* ''TheMalteseFalcon''
* ''MeAndOrsonWelles''
* ''MyManGodfrey''
* ''{{Network}}''
* ''TheNightOfTheHunter''
* ''{{Nosferatu}}''
* YasujiroOzu
* ''PansLabyrinth''
* ''Plan9FromOuterSpace'' - a truly ''magnificent'' work of art.
* ''PlanetOfTheApes''
* ''ScentOfAWoman''
* MartinScorsese
* ''{{Se7en}}''
* StevenSpielberg
* ''StarWars''
* ''Film/SynecdocheNewYork''
* AndreiTarkovsky
* ''TheThirdMan''
* ''ThreeColorsTrilogy''
* FrancoisTruffaut
* ''TwelveAngryMen''
* ''{{Unforgiven}}''
* OrsonWelles

Authors and books (at least, those who have their own pages here):

* ''AliceInWonderland''
* IsaacAsimov
* JaneAusten
* RobertoBolano
* JorgeLuisBorges
* ''BraveNewWorld''
* RaymondChandler
* GKChesterton
* ''Literature/ChronicleOfADeathForetold''
* [[{{Ptitle00h33do6}} Arthur C. Clarke]]
* JulioCortazar
* ''TheCountOfMonteCristo''
* RoaldDahl
* ''TheDevilsDictionary''
* PhilipKDick
* ''DonQuixote''
* FyodorDostoevsky
* ArthurConanDoyle
* UmbertoEco
* StephenHawking
* FranzKafka
* StephenKing
* StanislawLem
* ''LesMiserables''
* ''TheLordOfTheRings''
* HPLovecraft
* HLMencken
* FriedrichNietzsche
* ''TheOdyssey''
* GeorgeOrwell
* EdgarAllanPoe
* ''HarryPotter''
* WilliamShakespeare
* {{Stendhal}}
* ''TheTurnOfTheScrew''
* ''{{Ulysses}}''
* MarioVargasLlosa
* ''WarAndPeace''
* OscarWilde
* TimothyZahn

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''ElChapulinColorado''
* ''ElChavoDelOcho''
* ''{{Monk}}''
* ''TheMuppetShow'' Ė Is it Live Action? I think not.
* ''MysteryScienceTheater3000''

* JohannSebastianBach
* TheBeatles
* ChuckBerry
* LudwigVanBeethoven
* EricClapton
* BobDylan
* BuddyHolly
* KojiKondo
* GustavMahler
* YasunoriMitsuda
* EnnioMorricone
* WolfgangAmadeusMozart
* Music/RoyOrbison
* ElvisPresley
* MartyRobbins
* TheRollingStones
* YokoShimomura
* PyotrIlyichTchaikovsky
* NobuoUematsu
* RichardWagner
* TheWho

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''BahamutLagoon''
* ''BreathOfFire''
* ''ChronoTrigger''
* ''FinalFantasy''
* ''GoldenSun''
* ''KirbySuperStar''
* ''TheLegendOfZelda''
* ''{{Lemmings}}''
* ''MarioKart''
* ''MegaMan''
* ''StarOcean''
* ''SuperMarioRPG''
* ''TalesOfPhantasia''
* ''{{Terranigma}}''
* ''TreasureOfTheRudra''
* ''{{Xenogears}}''

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''TheAngryVideoGameNerd''
* ''BobAndGeorge''
* ''BrawlInTheFamily''
* ''IMDb''
* ''TheNostalgiaCritic''
* ''PennyArcade''
* ''TVTropes'' Ė duh!
* ''{{Wikipedia}}''

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''AvatarTheLastAirbender''
* ''BeastWars''
* ''{{Freakazoid}}''
* ''HeyArnold''
* ''InvaderZim''
* ''LooneyTunes''
* ''RockyAndBullwinkle''
* ''SpaceGhostCoastToCoast''
* ''TomAndJerry''

!!The things about me, as a fellow troper:

[[folder:Articles written by me (or heavily contributed by me)]]

Iíve lost track of which ones were created by me and which ones were already existed but I contributed heavily in their final appearance (i.e. more than half, more or less). So I just included them all, so apologies if someone feels robbed of their little creations.

As you can see, theyíre not trope pages, but rather articles about [[{{Literature}} books]], [[{{Film}} movies]] or just UsefulNotes. Everyone needs useful notes, after all.

All the articles are UpForGrabs, because that's the only way to keep them growing nice 'n' healthy.


[[folder: Movies ]]

* ''Film/AceInTheHole''
* ''Film/AguirreTheWrathOfGod''
* ''Film/{{Amarcord}}''
* ''Film/BlowUp''
* ''Film/TheConversation''
* ''Film/DayForNight''
* Film/TheDecalogue
* ''Film/TheDoubleLifeOfVeronique''
* ''Film/EightAndAHalf''
* ''Film/{{Fitzcarraldo}}''
* ''Film/IVitelloni''
* ''Film/LAvventura''
* ''Film/LaDolceVita''
* ''Film/NightsOfCabiria''
* ''Film/PeepingTom''
* ''Film/StrayDog''
* ''Film/ThreeColorsTrilogy''
* ''Film/WhatTheBleepDoWeKnow''


[[folder: Books ]]

* ''Literature/AuntJuliaAndTheScriptwriter''
* ''Literature/TheAutumnOfThePatriarch''
* ''Literature/{{Baudolino}}''
* ''Literature/CaptainPantojaAndTheSpecialService''
* ''Literature/TheCharterhouseOfParma''
* ''Literature/ChronicleOfADeathForetold''
* ''Literature/{{Dianetics}}''
* ''Literature/DistantStar''
* ''Literature/TheFeastOfTheGoat''
* ''Literature/TheFirstCircle''
* ''Literature/FromTheEarthToTheMoon''
* ''Literature/{{Hopscotch}}''
* ''Literature/TheHouseOfTheSpirits''
* ''Literature/OpenVeinsOfLatinAmerica''
* ''Literature/{{Papelucho}}''
* ''Literature/TheRedAndTheBlack''
* ''Literature/TheTimeOfTheHero''
* ''Literature/TropicOfCancer''
* ''Literature/TheWarOfTheEndOfTheWorld''


[[folder: Theatre ]]

* ''Theatre/{{Eumenides}}''
* ''Theatre/TheLibationBearers''


[[folder: People ]]

* Creator/IsabelAllende
* Creator/RobertoBolano
* Creator/JulioCortazar
* Creator/FedericoGarciaLorca
* Creator/GabrielGarciaMarquez
* Creator/GabrielaMistral
* Creator/PabloNeruda
* Creator/{{Stendhal}}
* Creator/MarioVargasLlosa


[[folder: Useful Notes and other random un-notable stuff ]]

* UsefulNotes/{{Afghanistan}}
* Tropers/AmusedTroperGuy - [[SarcasmMode no!]]
* UsefulNotes/{{Bangladesh}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Benin}}
* UsefulNotes/BurkinaFaso
* UsefulNotes/{{Cambodia}}
* UsefulNotes/CentralAfricanRepublic
* UsefulNotes/TheChacoWar
* UsefulNotes/{{Chad}}
* UsefulNotes/TheChinchaIslandsWar
* UsefulNotes/{{Comoros}}
* UsefulNotes/TheCongoWars
* UsefulNotes/CostaRica
* UsefulNotes/{{Djibouti}}
* UsefulNotes/DominicanRepublic
* UsefulNotes/{{Ecuador}}
* UsefulNotes/ElSalvador
* UsefulNotes/EquatorialGuinea
* UsefulNotes/{{Eritrea}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Fiji}}
* UsefulNotes/FSMicronesia
* UsefulNotes/{{Ghana}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Grenada}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Guatemala}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Kiribati}}
* LatinAmericanLiterature
* UsefulNotes/{{Madagascar}}
* UsefulNotes/MarshallIslands
* UsefulNotes/{{Mauritius}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Nicaragua}}
* OtherRoyalFamilies
* UsefulNotes/{{Palau}}
* UsefulNotes/PapuaNewGuinea
* UsefulNotes/{{Qatar}}
* RogerEbertGreatMoviesList
* UsefulNotes/{{Rwanda}}
* UsefulNotes/SaintVincentAndTheGrenadines
* UsefulNotes/{{Samoa}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Seychelles}}
* UsefulNotes/SolomonIslands
* UsefulNotes/SriLanka
* UsefulNotes/{{Sudan}}
* UsefulNotes/ThatDryPatchOfLandUnrecognized
* UsefulNotes/{{Tonga}}
* UsefulNotes/TrinidadAndTobago
* UsefulNotes/{{Tuvalu}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Uruguay}}
* UsefulNotes/{{Vanuatu}}
* WarOfTheConfederation
* WarOfTheTripleAlliance
* UsefulNotes/{{Zambia}}


[[folder:Hereís where you vandalize the page]]

[[folder: Here there be vandalizing ]]

This place is reserved for anyone who wishes to write a comment. Just one rule: donít be a {{troll}}. Put your thoughts in here in any language you want (I speak Spanish and English), though Iíd appreciate if you put also the translation so I can understand. Thanks!

* [[/folder]]

* ¿Compatriota? ¿En serio? ¡Esto es increible! Saludos igualmente. Por cierto, soy un casi-ingeniero, sin trabajo al igual que tú, al menos por el momento, pero no pierdo el ánimo. ¡Mucha suerte! ¡Y un placer ver una página para Gabriela Mistral! (me quito el sombrero) -- @/SilentReverence


* Штож, я также не знаю Сербианский язык, но по краинеи мере можно и нечто по Русски. (Well, I also do not know Serbian, but at least something in Russian will do.) -{{Tropers/Morgulion}}

* Eh? Hinri ca pala isang taong cathang-isip ng isang sicat na pilosopo! Acala co pa naman, naging mainam ang aking mecanismo para sa pag-iisa ng munrong totoo at ng munrong cathang-isip. Medio nalungcot aco sa acing sariling pagcabigo, datapuwat, napupuno ako ng ligaya sa pagbati sa iyo![[note]]Cung ica'y nagatataka cung bacit nahihirapan ang mga otomaticong pangsalin, ito'y rahil sa paggamit co ng baybaying hindi-pangkaraniwan -- pinaghalo siyang lumang baybayin at tsaka contemporariyong pananalita.[[/note]] --@/{{jcruz}}
** [[/folder]]

[[folder: Translation: ]]
Eh? You're not a fictitious person written by a well-known philosopher! I thought my machine that will merge the real world and the fictional world had worked. I am a bit disappointed by my failure, but still, I am happy to greet you! [[note]]If you're wondering why the automatic translators are having trouble in translating this, it's because I am using a non-standard spelling -- it's a mix of obsolete spellings and contemporary grammar.[[/note]]

* Thanks man! The same to you! :D - @/{{Sen}}

* I did a DoubleTake on your pagelist: {{Benin}}, {{Bangladesh}}, CustersRevenge... Wait, what? The page needs more pop-culture though, I'd have loved to see what is your favorite book, movie, TV-series, video game, etc. And thanks for paying a visit to my page! - {{Tropers/Sati1984}}

* Hablas espanol? Bueno. - @/{{Spirit}}

* Hola! Qué bueno ver a alguien de Latino América por aquí! =D - @/{{Polarity}}

* Wedle życzenia, odpowiadam. Niestety, to tylko ja zaczęłam, inne osoby edytowały ją potem, dzięki czemu jest taka świetna. (As you wish I answer. Sadly I just started the page, other persons edidted it afterwards - that's why it's so awesome.) - {{Tropers/Dracia}}

* Vandalism is so much ''fun''! - @/StolenByFaeries

* I'm an exception, of course. The bunny army will see that this page is properly conquered, anyway. ~ @/ARabbitFilledNightmare

* Ecco un po' di vandalismo cortese da parte di un troper It/AffabilmenteMalvagio che, a sua volta, ama il cinema. (Translation from Italian: Here's some polite vandalism from an AffablyEvil troper who likes movies too.) -- @/{{Belfagor}}
** P.S.: Oh, and don't forget to vandalize my page back.
** P.P.S.: I love the little fox in your image.

* Just returning the favor. Hey, non-malicious vandalization is a good way to meet others, huh? - @/{{X2X}}

* [[WritersBlock I should've left a videogame quote here, but I had no inspiration.]] -@/{{desdendelle}}

* I used to leave meaningless memes in vandalization sections, but then I took an arrow in the knee. ~ {{@/kay4today}}

* You've just been vandalized! Ha-ha-ha-haaa! By the way, nice choice of literature. - @/{{whataboutme}}

* (Sending a return message from my page) and here I thought I was the only one who enjoyed how crazy we all are! Nice to see I'm not alone in my BileFascination, friend! -@/BlakeDiamond (Also, yay! Another GoldenSun fan! ^^)

* You're probably right, a team DOES need a TeamPet...hm. Thanks. :P - @/{{Keybreak}}

* ¡Weón! ¡Otro Chileno! ¡No lo creo! Ya somos... ¡Tres! -@/ThatOneGuyNamedX

* Necessito practicar español. Mi maestro de español es muy fantastico. Dice cosas como "hago lo que quiero" o grita "¡No inglés!" cuando los estudiantes le preguntan a hablar inglés. Es muy comico. Es divertido para pedirle dulces. Él responde: "¡No! ¡No dulces para ti!" Me gusta dulces mucho. Especialmente chocolate. ¿Tiene chocolate? Quiero chocolate... -@/{{Indigo12ash}}

* Well I'm glad to be vandalized by you. So I'm returning the favour. Impressive list BTW. Newt time! - @/{{Alrune}}

* Today I learned that Salvatore Allende's daughter wrote books! xD (Just a little snark here...) - @/{{Johnnyfog}}

* You were a noob once too? That makes me feel better, thank you. : ) -@/{{XSoulfire}}