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[[caption-width:180:I am not one of ThoseWackyNazis; I'm a [[UsefulNotes/{{Buddhism}} Buddhist]] (and a [[FullmetalAlchemist FMA]] fan; and a [[TheLegendOfZelda Zelda]] fan). That is a swastika of peace, not of hate.]]

OK... So I'm not really sure what to say... Hmm... I stumbled across this site one day and immediately fell in love with it (by that I mean "went on an {{Archive Binge}}"). I have an undying thirst for knowledge.
If I'm not here, I'm usually on {{GaiaOnline}}, [[strike:Myspace]] Facebook, or YouTube... Oh, and I love videogames, anime, music, and well, too much stuff to list here. Also--I'm a bit of a {{Basement Dweller}}; [[strike:[[HandWave somewhat]] [[JustifiedTrope justified]] in that I'm only 18]] I'm 19 and it's my bedroom damn it (I still need to get out more). I [[strike:want to]] ''will'' join the Marines one day. {{Semper Fi}}. I'm currently attending Central Ohio Technical College for game design.

Other {{Code Name}}s: [[MetalGearSolid Mongoose]], [[OneLetterName M]], Bobo (don't ask about that one), Napoleon, [[JustForPun Captain]] [[IncrediblyLamePun de Face]] (AKA [[DontExplainTheJoke Cap'd in da Face]]; my friends started calling me that after one of 'em [[BoomHeadshot shot me in the face]] with an airsoft [[RareGuns Desert Eagle]]. So Yeah).

I'm also prone to conversations with myself! [[CloudCuckoolander Woo]]... Also has [[AspergerSyndrome Asperger's]].

... oh, and I and I'm a {{Wii}} owner. I'm also a big fan of CallOfDuty. You can imagine how pissed off I was at [[CreatorWorship Infinity]] [[InternetBackdraft Ward]] when ''ModernWarfare 2'' was not released for Wii. At least I have the first one now... thanks to [[BrokenBase Treyarch]], no less. And now I own ''[[CallofDutyBlackOps Call of Duty: Black Ops]]''. 'Tis awesome.
Pages I've Edited:

* Tropers/{{Akiba}} ([[CaptainObvious No shit Sherlock.]])
* BlindingBangs
* CallOfDuty
** Headscratchers.CallOfDutyWorldAtWar
* CreditsMedley
* TheContributors (Again, [[CaptainObvious no shit]].)
* {{CrowningMusic.Anime}}
** CrowningMusic.TheLegendOfZelda
* FullmetalAlchemist
** {{Characters.FullmetalAlchemist}}
* GoodBadBugs
* IAmBigBoned
* ItAlwaysRainsAtFunerals
* Headscratchers.AnimalCrossing
** Headscratchers.{{Bees}}[[labelnote:?]] Huh? This link was functioning earlier... Weird.[[/labelnote]] (Relates to the above... somewhat.)
* KilledMidSentence
* LonelyPianoPiece
* ModernWarfare
* NaziZombies
* OneManArmy
* RedBaron
* RideOfTheValkyries
* SelfDeprecation
* ThankYouForSmoking
* {{TearJerker.Music}}
* TroperDemographics (19/Male/Geek)
* TroperTales.{{Angrish}}
** TroperTales.BornInTheWrongCentury
** TroperTales.HeadphonesEqualIsolation
** TroperTales.ICallItVera
** TroperTales.InnocentInaccurate
** [[{{TroperTales.ptitle3zaap0y7ym6o}} Troper Tales.Mathematician's Answer]]
** TroperTales.PorkyPigPronunciation
** TroperTales.RageQuit (I actually had the honor of starting this particular TroperTales...)
** TroperTales.SuspiciouslyAproposMusic
** TroperTales.VerbalTic
* UnfortunateImplications
* [[{{Tropers/Ptitlewamcd3dr}} What Are The Contributor's Real Names?]] (It's Devon, by the way.)
* WhereAreYouFrom? (Ohio)
* WMG.HomePage
* {{Zombieland}} (Love this movie [=BTW=])
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