A Troper.

Is hesitant about writing own page...

Is an semi-active player in RolePlay/WeAreOurAvatars, with multiple characters (retired, though).

Loves to play video games. One of his favorites is {{Mardek}}. Cool game. People should check it out.

THE AWESOME FANTASTIC Vandalization Section

There a soft start for you.-Tuefel

I'll just leave this here... -Katsuun

Radda radda radda radda! - Shnitzel

I vandalized this page for the sheer hell of it, YAH HEAR ME! - {{@/Knighted}}

[[color: red: Finally, I can mess up your page by giving it UGLY RED. Hear me roar! -{{Tropers/Parakaitz}}]]

But I don't think that red is ugly....it gives some color to the page! Yeah! - Tropers/{{Ajbcool}}

He's got the NostalgiaFilter screwed on tight. For better or for worse. - {{@/Hydronix}}

Ah. You must be Pinoy. I can tell because fashonista is something only Filipinos would say.