* Male.19 AsOfNow.
** Mexican. Spanish is my mother languange.
* Real Name Juan Urzutuastegui. Dont bother trying to pronounce it.

* Not to be confused with troper Anima.
* Previously known as woldenolmos, until i found a less lame name.

* Fan of music as a general, literature, anime and comics. I am guilty for several entries on hispanic literature I'm sure english-speaking tropers find superfluous, as a lot of this books aren't read very extensively in the US (and to be fair, the translations I've read are rather lackluster) so I'm sorry, I guess.

* I'm a bit...flowery with my english, sorry again. I mainly practice it by reading, you see.

* I'm kind of a faggot to tell the truth...

* The name's a reference to {{Tool}}