[[caption-width-right:319:''An accurate representation of what I'm probably doing right now.'']]
You seem to have gotten very lost, indeed. Don't you know that this corner of the internet is inhabited by very dangerous beasts and other unpleasantries?

Well, then.. To those of you who wish to stay, allow me to spin you a tale.

[[folder:Why Am I Here?]]
This particular page is home to a girl who is often referred to as "A Rabbit Filled Nightmare". She's young, [[{{Cloud cuckoolander}} often confused]], and [[{{No Social Skills}} laughably bad at communicating with others]], but that should come as [[{{Most Tropers are Young Nerds}} no surprise to any of you]].

In addition, she is prone to frequent bouts of silliness, {{self deprecation}}, {{unusual euphemism}}s, expository rants, and brandishing the ever-so-popular mighty blade o' sarcasm. With this small arsenal, she strives to amuse and astound the masses.. or at the very least, thoroughly baffle them with her bullshit.
Regardless of your opinion on her, one thing is certain: She is an [[{{Yourmileagemayvary}} acquired taste.]] ''Now, don't say that we didn't warn you.''[[/folder]]
[[folder:Self-Applied Tropes]]

This section is currently under '''Heavy Construction'''. Please excuse the mess.

* {{Always Someone Better}}
* {{The Anti Nihilist}}
* {{Apologizes A Lot}} - As anyone who has spent more than ten minutes with me can attest, I have a bad habit of apologizing for my misdeeds. [[spoiler: ]]
* {{Asexual}} - Technically, [[{{If Its You Its Ok}} demisex]][[{{Singletargetsexuality}} ual]].
* {{Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny}} - While I strive to be as reserved as possible online, random and unprovoked distractions are a frequent occurrence in my day-to-day life.
* {{Brilliant But Lazy}} - There's a massive overlap with {{Ditzy Genius}}. I'm very lazy, but [[{{Your Mileage May Vary}} you can decide how brilliant I actually am.]]
* {{Chaotic Good}}/{{Chaotic Neutral}} - For the most part, I tend to like people, despite my occasional [[{{Humans are flawed}} diatribes against them]]. Rules, while often necessary, are another story entirely.
* {{Child Hater}} - Not ''entirely''.. I love children, I'm just severely tokophobic.
* {{Dark is Not Evil}} - Despite the [[{{Blatant lies}} deliciously]] goth-y exterior and penchant for morbid humour, I try to be as polite and courteous to others as I possibly can. I can also be a trifle [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} silly]] [[{{perkygoth}} at]] [[{{surreal humor}} times]].
* {{Deadpan Snarker}} - Offline, I'm especially prone to {{sarcastic clapping}}.
* {{Do Not Call Me Paul}} - I've grown rather attached to my pseudonyms, so it seems.
* {{Does Not Like Shoes}} - Or socks either, really.
* [[{{Eerie Pale Skinned Brunette}} (Eerie) Pale Skinned Brunette]]
* {{Everythings Better With Bunnies}} - Subverted.
* {{Extreme Doormat}} - Slowly, but ever-so-surely, I'm growing myself a backbone.
* {{Hates Being Touched}}
* {{Hollywood Pudgy}} - I'm 1.524 m and weigh about 61 kg, but I'm about as athletic as a marshmallow and nearly have the same consistency.
* [[{{Hypocritical Humor}} Hypocritical Humour]]
* {{I Hate Past Me}} - [[spoiler: I hate present me, too. ]]
* {{Inner Monologue}} - Life is more exciting with a narrator.
* {{It Amused Me}} - This is the motivation behind most of what I do in my spare time.
* {{Jerkass}}/{{Jerk With a Heart of Gold}} - Depending on who you ask.. I try not to be, though.
* {{Knight in Sour Armour}} - I'm probably the most [[{{Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism}} optimistic pessimist]] that you'll ever meet.
* [[{{Sirswearsalot}} Lady Swears-A-Lot]]
* {{Large Ham}}
* {{Longing for Fictionland}} - Oh so much..
* {{Mad Artist}} - I've got a few illnesses here and there [[note]]''anyone who claims not to is a bloody liar''[[/note]], but not necessarily "mad", per se. I'm most definitely an artist, though, albeit not a very good one.
* {{Manic Pixie Dream Girl}} - I could be considered this to a ''certain'' someone~
* {{Motor Mouth}} - Coupled with {{Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness}} outside of the internet.
* {{Nightmare Fetishist}} - I have a little bit of an infatuation with the horror genre, and have failed trying to step away from it on a number of occasions.
* {{Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant}} - Despite my hardest efforts not to be, I may be considered this to some.
* {{No Indoor Voice}} - On a good day, I'll most likely be chattering rather [[{{Understatement}} loudly]].
* {{Nostalgia Filter}}
* {{Not A Morning Person}}
* {{Performance Anxiety}} - It takes a lot of nerve for me to be able to post things online where [[{{Shrinking Violet}} I know that other people are silently judging me behind their computer screens.]]
* {{Ridiculous Procrastinator}} - The main reason why [[{{TVTropes Will Ruin Your Life}} this site is a contributor to what will be my eventual downfall]].
* {{Saying Sound Effects Out Loud}}
* {{Self Deprecation}} - Roughly 85% of all snarky comments that I make will be directed at myself.
* {{Technical Pacifist}}
* {{The Ditherer}} - Empathic Fence-Sitter / Insecure Type.
* {{The Hyena}} - When I find something funny, even in the slightest, I'll probably be laughing about it all day. My laughter is an ''abominable'' thing.
* {{The Illegible}}
* {{Third Person Person}} - I hardly use third person, but I'll admit that I'm awfully fond of it.
* {{Tsundere}} - I'm a type A with a side of [[{{Sugar and Ice Personality}} Sugar and Ice]].
* [[{{Why did it have to be snakes}} Why Did it Have to be Spiders?]]

[[folder: Tropes Applied by Others]]



[[{{anime}} Japanimation]]:
* {{Hellsing}}
* {{Fullmetal Alchemist}}
* {{Black Butler}}
* {{Soul Eater}}
* {{Ouran High School Host Club}}
* {{FLCL}}
* {{School Days}}
* {{Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei}}
* {{Death Note}}
* {{Elfen Lied}}

* {{Johnny The Homicidal Maniac}}
* {{Lenore The Cute Little Dead Girl}}
* {{Homestuck}}

Television / Films:
Under renovation

* {{American McGees Alice}} (and its [[{{Alice Madness Returns}} sequel]])
* {{Neopets}}
* {{Fire Emblem}}
* {{Professor Layton}}
* {{Geneforge}}
* {{Dragon Age}}
* {{Rule of Rose}}
* {{Silent Hill}}
* {{Banjo Kazooie}}
* {{The Legend of Zelda}}
* {{Ratchet And Clank}}
* {{Touhou}}
* {{Alice Is Dead}}
* {{The Sims}}
* {{Irisu Syndrome}}
* {{Dementium The Ward}}
* {{Portal}}
* {{Ace Attorney}}
* Orcs and Elves

''Specific artists / bands'' include:
* {{The Birthday Massacre}}
* {{Queen}}
* Jack Off Jill
* Rasputina
* {{Rammstein}}
* Flogging Molly
* {{Creature Feature}}
* {{Florence and The Machine}}
* {{Tori Amos}}
* {{Scissor Sisters}}
* {{The Smiths}}
* {{Emilie Autumn}} - Rebel Rats make the world go 'round.
* {{Dresden Dolls}}
* {{Prince}}
* {{Imogen Heap}} / {{Frou Frou}}
* Miranda Sex Garden
* {{Mindless Self Indulgence}}
* {{Voltaire}}
* {{Korpiklaani}}
* {{Gorillaz}}
* {{Lords of Acid}}
* {{Hannah Fury}}
* Siouxsie and the Banshees
* {{Mercedes Lackey}}
* {{Nox Arcana}} / {{Midnight Syndicate}}

''Genres'' can range anywhere from Alternative to Waltz, as long as it pleases the ears.

* {{All Hallows Eve}}
* {{Steampunk}}, {{Clockpunk}}, and a few other types of {{Punk Punk}}
* [[{{Everythings better with plushies}} Plush]] [[{{Girls Love Stuffed Animals}} Toys]] and [[{{Creepy Doll}} Dolls]]
* {{Victorian London}}
* [[{{Avenue Q}} M]][[{{Grease}} u]][[{{wicked}} si]][[{{hairspray}} ca]][[{{The Rocky Horror Picture Show}} ls]]
* {{So Bad its Good}} / {{Narm Charm}} / {{So Unfunny its Funny}}
* [[{{Alluring Anglerfish}} Creatures]] [[{{Everythings Squishier With Cephalopods}} of the Deep Sea]]
* {{Badass Longcoat}}s / {{Badass Labcoat}}s
* String Instruments
* [[{{Talking In Your Sleep}} Somniloquy]]
* [[{{The Need For Mead}} Fantasy Taverns]]
* [[{{Bioluminescence Is Cool}} Glowing Substances]]
* {{Melodrama}}
* [[{{Ravens and Crows}} Corvids]]
* {{Milking The Giant Cow}}
* {{Old Timey Bathing Suit}}s
* [[{{Of Corsets Sexy}} Corsets, Bodices, and Waist Cinches]]
* {{Tarot Motifs}}
* {{Unusual Euphemism}}s
* {{Creepy Cool Crosses}}
* {{Psychopomp}}s (and [[{{Eldritch Abomination}} various]] [[{{The Fair Folk}} other]] [[{{Nuclear Nasty}} fantastical]] [[{{The Undead}} beings]])
* {{Lyrical Dissonance}}
* {{Ugly Cute}} thingies. [[/folder]]

* {{Fandumb}}
* {{Gorn}}
* {{Hatedumb}}
* {{Misery Poker}}
* {{Nausea Fuel}}, especially {{Force Feeding}}
* [[{{Children are Cruel}} Miguided]] [[{{Teens are Monsters}} Youth]]
* [[{{Political Correctness Gone Mad}} Trigger-]][[{{MoralGuardians}} happy]] [[{{Bowdlerization}} Censors]], when they aren't being [[{{Narm}} unintentionally hilarious]]
* [[{{Dirty Old Man}} Perverted Old]] [[{{Dirty Old Woman}} Folk]]
* [[{{Mister Muffykins}} Small Dogs]]
* [[{{Spiders are Scary}} Spiders]]
* The {{Vocal Minority}}
* [[{{Im a Man I Cant Help It}} "I'm a Man,]] [[{{Berserk Button}} I Can't Fucking Help It"]]


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