[[HeWhoMustNotBeSeen http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/AnonymousDemotivator.jpg]]

Anonymous is [[HiveMind all of us]] and [[IAmNotHim none of us]]. Anonymous makes changes that don't require credit.

Anonymous is always from [[NothingExcitingEverHappensHere somewhere else]]. Or [[TheInternet nowhere]]. [[IAmWhatIAm Anonymous is]].

[[IAmLegion Anonymous is legion]]. [[ThisIsUnforgivable We do not forgive]]. But [[EasyAmnesia often forget]].

[[CompleteMonster Anonymous is the horrible, senseless, uncaring monster]] [[YouBastard that you only wish you could be.]]

[[MentalFusion We are united as one]]. [[DivideByZero Divided by zero]].

[[BadassCreed Expect us]].

We own all of the internet.