[[quoteright:330:[[Franchise/DisneyPrincess http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/ariel_first_holiday_dress.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:330:[-"[[Disney/TheLittleMermaid It was my]] first Christmas, and I didn't have [[HappyHolidaysDress a proper dress]]. Their designers just added [[PrettyInMink ermine trim]] to my [[PrincessesPreferPink pink dress]], and [[HairDecorations put a sprig of holly on my hair]]. [[http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3377/3668987060_1e183d6143_o.jpg This dress]] got so many compliments. Thank you, TropeCo/TropeCo!-] ]]

We here at '''TropeCoŽ''' dedicate ourselves to giving you the best service possible, which means customizing our tropes to meet your needs.

But sometimes that isn't an option. That's why we keep a whole warehouse stocked of off-the-shelf items to be delivered to you ASAP. We can't guarantee satisfaction, but we can guarantee to be on time.
!!Our Rush Delivery Items Include:
* TropeCo/BeehiveBarrier: A 12'' cylinder generates [[BeehiveBarrier a field 15' in diameter]]. Able to withstand high energy projectiles, and even [[Franchise/{{Dune}} slow moving knives]].
* TropeCo/EvilHand: Flush from buying a stock of props from the latest ''{{Terminator}}'' movie, we can offer you a [[EvilHand robotic hand]] in a variety of sizes. Claws available as well.
* TropeCo/ElementalBaggage: Packages of either 10 pounds or 10 kilograms of the [[ElementalBaggage element of your choice]].
* TropeCo/FillerVillain: If playing a [[FillerVillain filler]] BigBad or TheDragon isn't available, we will get you a role as a major {{Mook}} (some have even become {{Ensemble Darkhorse}}s this way).
* TropeCo/FlyingBrick: Just take one of our [[Main/SuperSerum six hour super pills]], and you're ready to take on evil with [[FlyingBrick your stock of powers]]. When you start to feel weak in the knees, just take another (for safety reasons there is no effect on exceeding the dose, negative or otherwise).
* TropeCo/FrillyUpgrade: We'll fly in some costume designers with some stock materials, you provide us an old outfit of your choice, and they'll see [[FrillyUpgrade how they can improve it]].
* TropeCo/HumongousMecha: The monster is at the city limits, but no young children are showing up in a Main/SuperRobot. Fear not, we'll provide [[HumongousMecha the mecha]] ''and'' a young child from our pool of interns. Our current mecha stock includes spare Franchise/{{Gundam}}s, [[{{VideoGame/Xenogears}} Gears]], [[PowerRangers Zords]], and [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Gunmen]].
* TropeCo/PimpedOutDress: As seen in our testimonial, we can have our designers apply the best trimmings to one of your dresses, to [[PimpedOutDress pimp it out]].
* TropeCo/PowerCrystal: If you don't mind your choices limited to [[PowerCrystal emeralds and rubies]], these crystals will fill your needs.
* TropeCo/PowerGivesYouWings: Limited to either traditional [[PowerGivesYouWings angel wings]], or green laser wings.
* TropeCo/RequisiteRoyalRegalia: Has your EvilUncle hidden the [[RequisiteRoyalRegalia royal jewels]] in an attempt to thwart your [[AwesomeMomentOfCrowning coronation]]? Fear not. We offer imperial [[NiceHat crowns]], [[CoolCrown tiaras]], [[PimpedOutCape ermine capes]], and scepters in a variety of sizes, even [[AChildShallLeadThem for children]].