On the one hand, if the thought of owning your own [[Main/HumongousMecha giant robot]] hasn't already sold you, we might as well not go on.

On the other hand, if it has, we should still let you know what options we have.

* Teen Model - Dads, have you got an irresponsible, whiny teenage son who constantly runs away from his problems? Want to instill manly spirit and give him a gift that he will remember forever? Get some family time together, and teach him responsibility with our ever-popular teen models! Insurance is required in certain states to own and operate a Humongous Mecha. Pilots must be between the ages of Fourteen and Eighteen. Warning; Teen Model may or may not be appropriate for [[EmoTeen emotionally unstable teens]] [[Franchise/CodeGeass with recently deceased mothers.]])
* La Resistor - Evil empire giving you the blues? Tired of licking the boots of your oppressors? Have you ever thought, "Gee, these snooty imperialists have really got my goat but I what can I do about it?" Well, we at TropeCo/TropeCo have always sympathized with revolutionaries* which is why we are now introducing La Resistor! Nothing spells out cultural and political emancipation quite like a walking death machine strapped with enough explosives to occupy Norway! Never piloted a Mecha before? No Problem! We make it easy, with our patented training program, ''The Redshirt's Guide to Mecha'', that will ensure your survival for at least three battles! (Warning: La Resistor may not be capable of handling advanced enemy mechs. Exercise caution when piloting La Resistor to ensure that your glorious revolution does not haplessly murder {{innocent bystander}}s. TropeCo/TropeCo accepts Cash, Check, or controlling interest and exclusive trade rights with your new regime.)
** WARNING: Glorious revolution [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann ain't never gonna televize.]]
** For another 9000 [[GlobalCurrency Muny]], we can make it a SuperPrototype of the Empire versions you will be fighting! No refunds in the event of an UpgradeVsPrototypeFight.


[[folder: * Yes, we do. People who run empires are often major cheapskates who make their own. ]]

* [[SuperPrototype Project]] [[XtremeKoolLetterz X-]][[NumberOfTheBeast 666]] [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast "Desolation"]] - Ever wanted to start a career in [[EvilOverlord supervillainy]]? Already an established BigBad, but goody two-shoes constantly ruining your plans? Never again with the new Desolation model, specially for villains! Comes in bloodred, black and other color variations. SpikesOfVillainy and [[GlowingEyesOfDoom glowing]] [[RedEyesTakeWarning red,]] yellow, orange [[TechnicolorEyes and other eyes]] optional. Comes equipped with a superweapon arsenal guaranteed to [[DoomedHometown raze cities to the ground]] and blow any resistance away. Customizable with diverse dirty tricks such as concealed EMP blasters to stop those pesky heroes' mechas dead in their tracks - after all, as we know, [[CombatPragmatist who needs honor when you can have efficiency?]] And if that happens to not be enough, Desolation sports both a [[WeWillMeetAgain handy escape device]] and a [[TakingYouWithMe self-destruct system,]] to use depending on your current mood.
** ''TropeCo/TropeCo may not be held responsible for any damage sustained by Desolation due to hero's superior tactics, PowerOfFriendship, {{Heroic Sacrifice}}s or others.''