Has your RedShirtArmy been cut to shreds by [[MoralDissonance uncaring heroes?]] Are the {{Mooks}}, Goons and Minions at your disposal incapable of providing [[FoeTossingCharge more than half a second]] worth of challenge to the hero? Well worry no more! Because we at '''[=EvilTemp=][[TradeSnark ©]] ''' have just the thing!

New and improved '''''Elite Mooks!''''' Now with twice the hero-removing power as regular Mooks! They're the same size as regular {{Mooks}} but with the fighting power of {{Giant Mook}}s and the [[EvilIsCool coolness]] of an EvilMakeover!

We can accommodate all budgets and tastes, so all '''''Elite Mooks''''' can be customized and upgraded from base mooks to suit your needs. From simple cosmetic changes like a PaletteSwap to adding SpikesOfVillainy, and tangible changes like a raised PowerLevel and NewPowersAsThePlotDemands to [[CantCatchUp match]] those pesky LevelGrinding heroes. If you already have normal mooks, you can promote them to '''''Elite Mook''''' squads via [[UpgradeArtifact upgrading]] them with NinjaPirateZombieRobot oil, letting them serve as GoddamnedBats or DemonicSpiders.

'''''Elite Mooks''''' are not to be confused with the generally solitary GiantMook or HeavilyArmoredMook each sold separately. If you want to order something more Mechanical in nature, see our MechanicalMonster wares. And if you want something with half the price but twice the stench, choose our EliteZombie model. We also have bulk discounts available if you wish to [[IncrediblyDurableEnemies outfit your entire organization]].

If your mooks are still inadequate, feel free to invest in some PsychoSerum and upgrade them further to '''SuperpoweredMooks''', or go for some {{Kung Fu Proof| Mook}}ing. Alternately, go for ''prime quality'', and hire yourself your own, hand-picked '''PraetorianGuard'''!

Call now! Don't delay! With your purchase of 50 or more '''''Elite Mooks''''' '''[=EvilTemp=]©''' will provide a complimentary coffee mug (Best EvilOverlord)!

->'''Disclaimer''': This product is not exempt from ConservationOfNinjutsu, we advise you consult [[EvilOverlordList your 5-year-old adviser]] before the use of this product.

->'''[=EvilTemp=]©''' is a subsidiary of TropeCo/TropeCo. For other '''[=EvilTemp=]©''' services, see EqualOpportunityEvil.