[[quoteright:350:[[GemEncrusted http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/diamondgun_8958.jpg]]]]
You've got a great gun! You love your gun so much. It might be [[{{BFG}} really, really big]], [[RevolversAreJustBetter super]] [[SawnOffShotgun cool]], or have [[AbnormalAmmo really sweet ammunition]]. But you know what else it might be? Boring. Let's face it: guns come in very limited color schemes. Black, grey, maybe brown or a camouflage variation, but there's always that one thing missing from them that makes them absolutely awesome.

This won't be a problem anymore! From TropeCo® comes BlingBlingBang, the fast way to make your guns stand out like never before. By simply mailing your dull firearms to us, we'll gussy them up and send them back within two weeks[=*=]! You'll never want to own a boring, regular gun again! Choose a metal and (for those looking to ''really'' impress people) a gemstone to bring your weapon's new dose of awesome over the edge.

The following choices[=**=] for your weapon are:
* Metals:
** Platinum
** Gold
** Palladium
** Silver
** Copper
** Nickel
* Gems:
** Ruby
** Sapphire
** Emerald
** Diamond
** Amethyst
** Peridot
** Topaz
** Opal

In no time you'll be the proud owner of a shiny, pimped-out gun, making everyone you meet ''really'' take notice when you bring your new friend out to play.

->[=*=]Time may vary due to [[{{BFG}} the size of the gun.]]
->[=**=]Color of metals/gems vary. Not all choices may be available on request