* FakeAmerican: Half the damn cast. Malone and Spade are played by Aussies, and Johnson is played by a Brit.
%% * FakeBrit
* HeyItsThatGuy:
** Ben from ''Series/{{Lost}}'' shows up in the first season as a school principal
** President Logan of ''Series/{{TwentyFour}}'' makes an appearance in the Season 1 finale. Since it was before his most notable roles, it fits into {{Retroactive Recognition}}.
** Lisa Cuddy (''Series/{{House}}'') have made an appearance.
** Jin (''Lost'') appeared.
** Adam and Sid of ''Series/{{CSINY}}'' appear. Which is interesting, given ''CSINY'' and ''Without a Trace'' are meant to be set in the same universe, for all of ''Without a Trace'''s apparent lack of the same fancy tech ''CSI NY'' has. Police force outdoing the FBI?.