* Trivia/AGrandDayOut
* Trivia/TheWrongTrousers
* Trivia/ACloseShave
* Trivia/TheCurseOfTheWereRabbit
* Trivia/WallaceAndGromitsGrandAdventures
* HeyItsThatGuy[=/=]HeyItsThatVoice: This isn't the first time PeterSallis played a [[Recap/DoctorWhoS5E3TheIceWarriors maverick scientist]].
* TheOtherDarrin: Ben Whitehead has been increasingly acting as the voice of Wallace, most notably in the ''Grand Adventures'' series, along with a number of TV adverts featuring the duo. Fortunately Whitehead's voicing is so near to Peter Sallis that most people don't even notice the difference. The only exception was in "Fright Of The Bumblebee", the first game in the Grand Adventures series. As it was Whitehead's first time voicing Wallace, he sounds a little different than he usually does. Fortunately, he seems to have gotten much better as he continues to voice Wallace.
* TheRedStapler: The last of the creameries manufacturing the centuries-old Wensleydale cheese were teetering on the edge of closure in the early '90s, until they received a chance mention in ''A Grand Day Out''. Noticing the increased interest, the creamery persuaded Aardman Animation to endorse a ''Wallace and Gromit''-branded cheese, which worked to rebuild Wensleydale into a thriving product worldwide.