!!!The series and first two movies (1965-68)

* {{Defictionalization}}: [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Rescue_Corps There's an actual International Rescue,]] which began operations in 1985 and named itself after the organization found in this series. That's about where it ends, though; there are (sadly) no Tracy boys and (even more sadly) no ''Thunderbird'' craft to be found. (This could also explain why IR is referred to all but once as "the ''Thunderbirds''" in the 2004 LiveActionAdaptation.)
* ExecutiveMeddling:
** A positive example when Lew Grade ordered the series be made with hour-long episodes. This required the series to delve into more sophisticated plot and characters to make up for the time, which made the series a cult classic.
** Sadly, a negative example from Lew Grade, and an unintentional one at that: The show was axed from airwaves after Grade's rather unsuccessful trip to America, where all three major networks were bidding on the show. Thanks in part to Grade's playing each network off the other and trying to raise the price, when one network dropped out, [[FollowTheLeader the others followed suit]], and Grade felt that without American involvement the show was too expensive to produce.
** Further series were denied after TheMovie (actually ''two'' movies) bombed, although this still had [[Series/CaptainScarletAndTheMysterons some positive effects]].
** ITV holds the rights to the series and refused to return them to Gerry Anderson or allowing him to either remake or continue the series la ''Captain Scarlet''. By 2011, this was resolved, allowing the new series to proceed.
* FakeAmerican: All voice actors (save Virgil's, who quit after season one) were either British, Australian or Canadian, while most of the main cast was (implied to be) American.
* HeyItsThatVoice: David Graham and Shane Rimmer had been/would be Gerry Anderson mainstays. Also, Peter Dyneley, Jeff Tracy's [[BadassBaritone voice actor]], was respected as a British actor, known for -- among other things -- his numerous guest appearances on ''Series/TheSaint''.
* TalkingToYourself: David Graham voices Gordon, Brains, Parker and Kyrano.
* TechnologyMarchesOn: A given in the Gerry Anderson shows. You have space stations, hypersonic rocket planes, and a mobile computer the size of a grand piano!
* ThrowItIn: During filming for the episode "Trapped in the Sky", Elevator Car No. 3 went out of control. The production team decided to include this in the episode, adding a shot of it crashing into a nearby airliner.
* WorkingTitle: ''International Rescue''

!!!The 2004 movie

* CreatorKiller: Screenwriter William Osborne's career has never recovered from being credited on this ''and'' ''FatSlags'' in the same year.
* DisownedAdaptation: Gerry Anderson himself is on record as saying that ''Film/TeamAmericaWorldPolice'' - a movie he didn't entirely approve of - was closer in spirit to the original show.
* [[HeyItsThatGuy Hey, It's That Gal!]]: A pre-''[[HighSchoolMusical HSM]]'' Music/VanessaHudgens plays Tin Tin.

!!!''Turbocharged Thunderbirds''

* HeyItsThatVoice: ''Turbocharged Thunderbirds'' had a surprising batch of fairly well-known names to its re-dub voice list. To wit: [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries Alfred]] is the new Jeff Tracy, Creator/DanCastellaneta is the new Alan Tracy, and -- most surprisingly of all -- Creator/TimCurry is the Hood's master, the "Atrocimator!"