* AwesomeDearBoy: Creator/BenicioDelToro and Creator/RickBaker jumped at the chance to work on the film because both men are huge fans of [[Film/TheWolfMan1941 the original]].
* BoxOfficeBomb: Budget, $150 million. Box office, $139,789,765.
* CreatorBacklash: Of a sort. The President of Universal Studios said the movie was "crappy" and regarded it as "One of the worst movies we ever made."
* DeletedRole: Creator/MaxVonSydow plays the character that gives his silver-pointed cane to Lawrence Talbot, but his one scene was cut from the theatrical release. It survives in the director's cut of the DVD.
* DeletedScene: There's 20 minutes of footage left out of the final cut of the movie that is featured on the DVD. For example, there's a scene where Wolfman!Lawrence bursts into a masquerade ball during his London rampage and then proceeds to kill and [[BloodSplatteredInnocents splatter blood on the guests]]. [[TrailersAlwaysLie It was in the trailers]], but didn't make it into the theatrical release.
* ExecutiveMeddling: The reason the prologue is so short and why a good chunk of character development and establishment are left out is because the execs thought the audience would want more Wolfman and less storytelling. The DirectorsCut reinserts many of the removed scenes.
* PromotedFanboy: Creator/BenicioDelToro himself had been a long-time fan of Creator/LonChaney, especially of his performance as Lawrence Talbot. He reveals in an interview that he always wanted to portray him, and wouldn't you know it, he got his wish.
* SavedFromDevelopmentHell: The movie was planned out and was to be directed by Mark Romanek (of ''Film/OneHourPhoto'' fame), but he left due to not being able to make changes during the writer's strike at the time. Joe Johnston took over and shot the film in spring/summer of 2008 for a fall 2008 release, but was held back until 2010 due to re-shoots by demand of the studio.

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