!!The original film series has examples of:
* ActorSharedBackground: Tamlyn Tomita, like Kumiko, was born in Okinawa.
** Danny Kamekona was from Hawaii, where the movie was filmed.
* DawsonCasting: Ralph Macchio was 21 when the first film was made, playing a 17 year old. He was 26 playing an 18 year old in the third film. Not many people noticed thanks to Macchio's boyish good looks and high-pitched voice,[[note]]although Macchio himself was very uncomfortable being romantically paired with the 16-year-old Robyn Lively in the third movie[[/note]] making this one of the few effective examples of the trope. Avoided in the reboot, as the kids are actual kids.
** Poked fun at in a 90's commercial for [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JpVJgSkGgk Brisk Iced Tea]].
-->"Daniel-San": Kid? I'm 35.
* ExecutiveMeddling: Thankfully avoided in the original film, the studio demanded that the quiet scene in which Daniel discovers a drunken Miyagi mourning his lost wife and child, who died in a relocation camp while he was away being a war hero in Italy during WorldWarII) be cut because it "disrupted the flow of the movie". The director apparently went to ''war'' to keep it in the film. Pat Morita would later say that it was this scene that earned him an AcademyAward nomination for his portrayal of Mr. Miyagi. (Ralph Macchio disagrees, citing his presence in the entire film as the reason.)
* HeyItsThatGuy: The black Cobra Kai student? It's [[RevengeOfTheNerds Lamar Latrell.]] We shit you not. Karate Kid II had one line roles from such up-and-coming actors as SVU's B.D. Wong, and Clarence Gilyard of Walker: Texas Ranger and Matlock fame.
** Before [[Film/{{Darkman}} Robert G Durant]] became synonymous with burning scientists and collecting fingers he was a racist drunk that had his beer bottles Karate chopped by [[HappyDays Arnold.]]
** [[Series/WalkerTexasRanger Trivette]] shows up in Okinawa to watch Daniel break slabs of ice.
* ThrowItIn: The song drunkenly sung by Mr. Miyagi was one he heard when he was a child. This even gets worked into the second movie as being Miyagi and Yukie's old song.
** Also, the song playing in the country club Daniel crashes in the first movie is heard again in the second movie, on the radio in the cab ride from the Okinawa airport. Neither occurrence is a plot point.
* TropeNamers: WaxOnWaxOff, and formerly "[[OrderedToCheat Sweep the Leg]]".
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Creator/ChuckNorris was offered the role of Kreese, but he didn't want martial artists to be portrayed in a bad light (he would later play himself in Sidekicks, another [[FollowTheLeader movie with a Miyagi-like mentor and a Kreese-like villain]]). What's more, ''Toshiro Mifune'' reportedly auditioned for the role of Mr. Miyagi but was not fluent in English and would have had to learn all his lines phonetically.

!!The 2010 remake has examples of:
* ActorAllusion: Jaden's father Creator/WillSmith did a parody of ''Karate Kid'' on an episode of ''Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir''. Pat Morita The orignal Miyagi guest starred in the same episode.
** Also, Dre was just relaxin all cool and shooting some basketball outside of school and is then interrupted by bullies. Remind you of anyone?
* [[BackedByThePentagon Backed by Beijing]]: The remake has [[SceneryPorn gratuitous shots]] of notable landmarks in China which have probably needed to be directly authorized by some high Chinese officials. In return, China is depicted as a really nice land, mix of ancient civilization, modernity, and natural beauty. Not to forget a puppet play.
* HeyItsThatGuy: [[RushHour Inspector Lee]] is [[Film/ThePursuitOfHappyness Chris Gardner]]'s mentor!!!
* [[HeyItsThatGuy Hey, It's That Gal!]]: The female snake charmer is played by an uncredited [[Film/CrouchingTigerHiddenDragon Michelle]] [[Film/TomorrowNeverDies Yeoh]] (?).
** [[TheCuriousCaseofBenjaminButton Queenie]] is Dre's Mom!!!
* NamesTheSame: [[JadeEmpire Hehehehe. Master Li.]]
** [[EnterTheDragon Bullshit, Mr Han-Man]]

!!The Video Game
* NoExportForYou: Inverted: Despise being programmed in Japan, the game was not released there. Not that the programmers or the Japanese audience cared about the game anyways.