!!The original book:
* RealitySubtext: Gatsby and Daisy's relationship is not dissimilar to that of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.
** Though it has more in common with the relationship between Scott Fitzgerald and Genevra King (see WriteWhatYouKnow below).
* MissingEpisode: The 1926 adaptation is a famous lost film. Very little of it is known to exist.
* WriteWhatYouKnow: It's believed that Daisy was based off of Ginevra King, Fitzgerald's ex-girlfriend who was also a rich Chicago socialite. Likewise, Tom is believed to have been based off of William Mitchell, the man who Ginevra eventually married. Fitzgerald himself confirmed that Jordan was based off of Edith Cummings, one of Ginevra's friends.

!! The 2013 film:
* ActorAllusion: Nick reaches for the last drink on a tray too late and it's snatched by someone else. That exact thing happened to Peter Parker in ''Film/SpiderMan2''.
* DawsonCasting: Carey Mulligan (26) as as the 23 year old Daisy and Leonardo [=DiCaprio=] (36-37 during filming) as the 32 year old Jay Gatsby, who also play those characters in flashback when they are 18 and 27, respectively.
** 36 year old Tobey Maguire as 29 (later 30) year old Nick Carraway.
* FakeAmerican: Jordan, Tom, Myrtle, Catherine, and George are played by Australians. Daisy is played by Creator/CareyMulligan who is British while Wolfshiem is played by UsefulNotes/{{Bollywood}} actor, Creator/AmitabhBachchan.
* GeniusBonus:
** The bandleader at Gatsby's parties is named Trimalchio, which is a shout-out to ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satyricon Satyricon]]'' where a character by the same name is famous for his elaborate parties. Additionally "Trimalchio" and "Trimalchio in West Egg" were possible titles for the book.
** At the end of the "'Can't repeat the past'? Of course you can!" scene, Gatsby walks between a statue of two ravens which could represent [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huginn_and_Muninn Oden's ravens Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory)]] -- appropriate since Gatsby's thoughts are always on his memories of Daisy.
* HeyItsThatGuy:
** [[Series/DoctorWho Sally Sparrow]] blinked and now she's living in the 1920's. [[http://sphotos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/p480x480/943797_543525472353618_424440604_n.jpg You can view it here!]]
** [[Film/WeddingCrashers Gloria Cleary]] is the mistress to [[Franchise/StarWars the prequel trilogy Owen Lars]].
* HeyItsThatVoice: In the Japanese dub, [[Manga/SoulEater Franken Stein]] is in love with [[Manga/{{Negima}} Kaede]] [[Creator/RyokoShiraishi Nagisa]] who is married with [[Anime/SamuraiSeven Shimada]] [[MasakiTerasoma Kanbei]]. Narrated [[Creator/YasuyukiKase by]] [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Kankurou]].
* WhatMightHaveBeen: Creator/BenAffleck was offered the role of Tom Buchanan, but had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts with ''Film/{{Argo}}''.