* EditedForSyndication: Reruns on {{Noggin}} cut episode number cards, previews of the next day's episode, and some sketches.
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: This led to Sesame Workshop making this show available to fans. Before, it resisted putting anything on DVD while fan sites who uploaded clips were forced to take them down when threatened with "cease and desist" letters. The Workshop expressed surprise at the response to the release of the first DVD that a Volume 2 was later issued. Out of the 780 episodes aired, only 40 have come to DVD, and another 29 to [=iTunes=].
* NamesTheSame: Cast member Jim Boyd is ''not'' the same person as Jimmy Boyd, the original singer of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus".
* OldShame: For Morgan Freeman, who may still be best-remembered among the [=GenX=] set for this show, and who refuses to talk about it.
** Contrast Bill Cosby and Rita Moreno, both of whom remember the show fondly, though they both had more benevolent reasons for participating than "IWasYoungAndNeededTheMoney"; Cosby chose to use his time on the show as credit toward his doctorate in education, and Moreno had a young daughter who was part of the first generation of ''Series/SesameStreet'' viewers, and was so impressed that she agreed to join ''The Electric Company''.
** Freeman has [[http://www.eonline.com/news/501230/rita-moreno-drops-f-bomb-cozies-up-to-morgan-freeman-while-accepting-lifetime-achievement-honor-at-sag-awards lightened up about it]] in his golden years.
* {{Recut}}: One of the DVD sets cuts some sketches from some episodes, and puts other sketches in to make up for lost time.

* HeyItsThatGuy: If you watched the episode "Broken" of the series Series/{{House}} first, you recognize Lin-Manuel Miranda (aka rapper of "Silent E Is a Ninja") as [[Creator/HughLaurie House]]'s Bipolar I rehab roommate Juan "Alvie" Alvarez. He also rapped and beatboxed there.
* RecycledScript: "Tip It Or Dip It" and "Friends or Aunts" both have the Pranksters cheating against a member of the Electric Company on a game show, and in both the audience is just a recording.