* ActorAllusion:
** Creator/TommyLeeJones voices Major Chip Hazard, who at the end of the second act [[Film/BatmanForever gets horrific burns down one side of his face]]. The Commandos all bear some resemblance to their voice actors.
** A scientist played by Robert Picardo who creates AI-based technology that succeeds beyond one's wildest dreams? Yeah, [[Series/StarTrekVoyager THAT'S]] [[SarcasmMode never happened before...]]
%%* AllStarCast
* BillingDisplacement: Kirsten Dunst is the first billed despite playing the love interest.
* InMemoriam: A dedication to Phil Hartman at the end of the movie.
* ViewerGenderConfusion: Scratch-It shows no visible signs of her sex.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Joe Dante wanted another actual member of the Dirty Dozen to take part, but Charles Bronson refused ([[CreatorBacklash interestingly, he didn't care for]] ''The Dirty Dozen'').
** The film was originally supposed to be edgier and aimed at teens but when the studio saw an opportunity to profit from children's toys based on the characters, Dante had to tone down the violence.