!!TV series

!!2003 film

* BackedByThePentagon: Or the LAPD, rather. Actual [=SWAT=] officers appeared in the opening scenes of the movie, most of them in delivering the hotline between the negotiators and the bank robbers.
* ChronicallyKilledActor: Creator/MichelleRodriguez actually avoids her usual fate for once, [[spoiler:though Sanchez does get hit in the arm at the climax]].
* ImageSource: SpicyLatina uses a shot of Creator/MichelleRodriguez (Chris Sanchez) lounging around on her SWAT gear between takes.
* HeyItsThatGuy: Dominick Lombardozzi (Herc in ''Series/TheWire'') makes an appearance as Montel's bodyguard, as does Reg E. Cathy (Norman Wilson in ''The Wire'') as Lieutenant Velasquez. The film was also directed by Clark Johnson, a filmmaker/actor who played Gus Haynes in ''Series/TheWire''.

!! ''SWAT'' game series (by Sierra)

* [[Trivia/{{SWAT 4}} Trivia for SWAT 4]]