!!The play
* TropeNamers:
** ForegoneConclusion
** GreenEyedMonster
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** Creator/SidneyPoitier might have helped his acting career by forestalling his PositiveDiscrimination backlash in the 1960s if he had accepted an offer to play the title character for a TV movie adaptation. Creator/ChristopherPlummer (who later played the role on Broadway to much acclaim opposite Creator/JamesEarlJones) would have served as his Iago.
** Creator/JamesEarlJones was the director's first choice for the BBC's 1981 TV version, but the British actors' union objected strongly to casting an American in such a high-profile role. In the end, the part went to Creator/AnthonyHopkins, with the character presented as being of Arabic, rather than African, descent.

!!The 1951 Orson Welles film:
* DoingItForTheArt: On the first day of shooting, the Italian producer announced that he was bankrupt. So Orson Welles financed the movie out of his own pocket.
* TheOtherMarty: The lengthy shoot meant that some roles had to be recast, and scenes re-shot:
** Suzanne Cloutier replaced Lea Padovani, who had replaced Cecile Aubry.
** Michael [=MacLiammoir=] replaced Everett Sloane.
* PropRecycling: Orson Welles borrowed many props and costumes from ''The Black Rose'', which he starred in to help finance this. Notably he insisted on his costume on ''The Black Rose'' having mink lining, specifically for use in ''Othello'' later.
* RomanceOnTheSet: Between Michael [=MacLiammoir=] (Iago) and Hilton Edwards (Brabantio)
* SameLanguageDub: Suzanne Cloutier was dubbed by Gudrun Ure for the American release.
* SerendipityWritesThePlot: Rodrigo dies in a Turkish bath because the costumes had been impounded due to non payment.
* TroubledProduction: It was shot over a three year period, and production was stopped twice, because Orson Welles kept running out of money and had to star in other films to finance it.

!!The 1965 film:
* DirectedByCastMember: Subverted. Along with his version of ''Theatre/AsYouLikeIt'', the only Shakespeare adaptation that Laurence Olivier starred in but did not direct.
* FakeNationality: Laurence Olivier appears in {{Blackface}} and speaks with an ambiguously exotic accent.
* GenreTurningPoint: Maggie Smith's SilkHidingSteel portrayal of Desdemona is thought to be the performance that saw the character being RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap. Many productions had downplayed her role to focus on Othello and Iago, but Desdemona was given more prominence in productions made afterwards.
* NoBudget: They couldn't find a financial backer for the project, so the budget was very low.
* TheOtherDarrin: Most of the cast carried over from the original stage production. The exceptions were Anthony Nicolls - who replaced Martin Boddey as Brabantio - and Robert Lang replacing Michael Rothwell as Roderigo.
* PropRecycling: As Laurence Olivier's regular backers for his Shakespeare films were dead by the 60s, he had to use enlarged duplicates of the sets in his original staged version.