!The 1981 film:
* DuelingMovies: With the ''Film/TheProwler'', due to some similarities.
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: The film fell out of print after it's initial VHS release; the DVD did so too after it's release, as did the double feature disc that paired it with ''Film/AprilFoolsDay''. The Lions Gate DVD (which contains the uncensored cut of the film) is thankfully still in print.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: A sequel was proposed, but ultimately declined. A treatment and/or script was apparently done for it however. Going by information that's out about it, it would have taken place in an amusement park built where the original mine killing occurred. The cut gore footage from the original was to inserted into the sequel as flashback sequences.
* WorkingTitle: ''The Secret''.

!The band:
* CreatorBreakdown: One of the reasons for the twenty-plus-year recording process of ''MBV''.
* DevelopmentHell: As seen above, there were more than ''two decades'' in between ''Loveless'' and ''MBV'', despite the fact that the group never officially disbanded during that time. There were long periods of silence when nothing would be heard about the album at all, and Kevin abandoned it for several years, but for most of the rest of that time he was working on it. The ''Loveless'' remaster also fell victim to this, albeit to a much lesser extent.
** Kevin has said that the ''Isn't Anything'' and ''Loveless'' remasters and the ''[=EP's=] 1988-1991'' compilation were [[http://pitchfork.com/features/interviews/8809-kevin-shields/ delayed]] due to ExecutiveMeddling on Sony's behalf, and having to threaten them with getting ScotlandYard involved to get them to turn over the original multitrack tapes.
* MissingEpisode: According to the "Class of '91" article in November 1991's edition of ''Melody Maker'', the band recorded two additional [=EPs=] besides ''Glider'' and ''Tremolo'' during the ''Loveless'' sessions, but scrapped them because they didn't feel they were worth releasing.
* TroubledProduction:
** ''Loveless''.
** Never mind ''Loveless''; the twenty-year DevelopmentHell for the third album blows that one away.