[[folder: Series ]]

* DawsonCasting: Even though Bret was older than Bart, Jack Kelly was nearly seventh months older than James Garner.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: A then-unknown Creator/SeanConnery was originally offered the role of Beau Maverick. Who got the part? Creator/RogerMoore.
* WrittenByCastmember: In addition to making regular appearances as Big Mike McComb, Leo Gordon, also wrote several episodes of the series.

[[folder: Film ]]

* ActorAllusion: During Creator/DannyGlover's cameo, as he and Creator/MelGibson come face to face and they act like they recognize one another, the two note guitar overture from ''Film/LethalWeapon'' faintly plays.
* AllStarCast: Within the many [[TheCameo cameos]]. Country singers and old western-actors have supporting roles, especially during the All River's Draw Poker Championship, as Robert Fuller, Denver Pyle, William Smith or [[Film/{{Blacula}} William Marshall]].