* ActorAllusion: In the dub, Yoshimori gets pissed off over [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist being called "shorty"]].
** In Episode 24, one of Yuri's friends picks up a cute puppy. The girl in question is voiced by [[Anime/ParanoiaAgent Carrie Savage]].
** Another ''[=FMA=]'' shoutout comes when Yoshimori is training with the crows. At one point, he calls himself a pipsqueak, using the exact same tone of voice Ed Elric would.
** Ichiro Ogi is a huge guy who happens to hide behind a mask. And he's voiced by J.B. Blanc. [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Hmm...]]
* CastingGag: Yoshimori's reactions over being called short will be [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist very familiar]] to those watching the dub.
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** AloofBigBrother
* OvertookTheManga: Subverted. When the anime was created, the manga was still continuing, not ending until 2011. As a result, the anime only covers a few arcs from the manga and not covering everything.

* On Yoshimori's alarm clock just below the pointers it says "Sunrise". This is probably a reference to the Sunrise anime company which hosts anime as well as Kekkaishi.
* In episode 41 at about 14:09 when Tokine is telling Yoshimori how to defeat those "black things", she explains how her mother kills roaches. When the roach is shown flying towards her mother, they re-enact the famous bullet-dodge from the Matrix.
* In episode 2 when Yoshimori's father and brother are drinking tea and eating cakes, Toshimori is reading the "Shounen Sunday" with "Yellow Tanabe's" picture on the cover.

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