!!The Movie
* ActingForTwo: Creator/JonathanHyde plays both Alan's father and Van Pelt. A common theory is that Jumanji conjures up Van Pelt by taking the form of the person you had dreaded the most, and for Alan, it's his father--especially since Van Pelt spouts out the same criticism as his father.
* {{Defictionalization}}: A ''Jumanji'' board game was released when the movie came out. It shared many elements with the game in the movie, aside from the supernatural elements (like sucking-in-small-children) ... at least as far as we know. It also used cards, not even attempting to copy the magic-8 ball style interface. It came full-circle again when ''Film/{{Zathura}}'' came out, which used cards.
* DeletedScene: The novelization contains an explanation for why Nora had to talk with the principal after Peter and Judy's first day: the realtor's son called Judy out on her lies, and Peter started a fight with him.
* FontAnachronism: The typeface used for the board game Clue came out only in the 1990s.
* RealitySubtext: The gun shop owner asking Van Pelt if he's a postal worker. Around the time of the movie, there had been a lot of news stories about postal workers going crazy and shooting up their workplaces, from which we get the expression "GoingPostal."
* TechnologyMarchesOn: Referenced when they start playing the game in 1969, with Sarah remarking that the self-moving pieces must be done with magnets. When the kids continue the game in 1995, Judy suggests it's done with microchips, which actually makes ''less'' sense. Plus, Carl proudly showing off his prototype for a modern basketball shoe.

!!The Cartoon
* ActorAllusion: Aunt Nora in the movie is a pretty normal woman, played by Bebe Neuwirth] In the cartoon, she's basically [[Series/{{Frasier}} Lilith Sternin]], in attitude and appearance.
* TheMerch: Parker Brothers released a handheld electronic game.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** Tim Curry auditioned for Van Pelt before being cast as Trader Slick.
** Trader Slick was intended to have a Bugs Bunny like New York accent.