!!Applies to the 2003 film only:
* One of the murder props was left in a closet after the film was finished. A year later, a janitor opened the closet to find ''a man tied to a chair with a baseball bat shoved down his throat'' and panicked.
* HeyItsThatGuy:
** The two leads in this were later the two leads in ''Film/TwoThousandTwelve''.
** [[Series/{{Scrubs}} Dr. Cox]] makes an appearance as the sympathetic father.
** Film/{{Donnie Darko}}'s father is the Judge.
** [[Film/SpiderMan1 Dr. Octavius]] takes up a different doctoral degree here.
** One of the Film/{{Goodfellas}} is now a crooked cop.
** This isn't the first film where Jake Busey plays a [[Film/TheFrighteners sadistic killer]] caught up in supernatural events.
** What's [[TheSteveHarveyShow Bullethead]] doing getting married to the goth chick from Film/TheFaculty?

!!Applies to the TV Show:
* HeyItsThatGuy: The casting directors sure wanted to smack us round the head that its a ''cop'' show. Meet;
** DSI Martha Lawson aka [[AshesToAshes DI Alex Drake]]
** [[TechnoWizard Resident computer whizz]] Tessa Stein aka [[TypeCasting resident computer whizz]] [[WakingTheDead Dr Frankie Wharton]]
** DS Anthony Wareing aka DI Moses Jones
** Also DI John Bloom is from TheWire and QueerAsFolk
*** Single episodes have featured [[Series/RobinHood clever Kate]] as identity thieving murderess Jane Doe and [[Series/{{Wallander}} Anne-Britt]] as [[spoiler: fraudster]] Amy Quilan.