!!The film:

* HeyItsThatGuy:
** WillSmith is Spooner.
** [[Film/StarTrekFirstContact Zephram Cochrane]] (aka JamesCromwell, aka king of all "That Guy"s) is Dr. Lanning.
** ShiaLaBeouf is bad at cussing.
** Sonny is voiced by none other than by Alan Tudyk
** BruceGreenwood is the RedHerring villain.
** Spooner's boss is [[Film/UndercoverBrother Da Chief]] once again.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Creator/HarlanEllison wrote a screenplay in TheSeventies (it's still in print!) which was much closer to Asimov's anthology. Unfortunately, the plot (which looked back on Susan Calvin's life in a manner deliberately similar to Film/CitizenKane) and the FX-heavy scenes (which included a lost city in the Amazon and a duel in what would later be called {{cyberspace}}) [[ExecutiveMeddling didn't fit the producer's vision and/or budget]], so it was shelved. Oddly enough, some [=DVD=]s of the 2004 film came bundled with a copy.

!!The Asimov book: