[[folder: The Rock Opera ''Music/Hero'' ]]

* PlayingAgainstType: Mary Magdalene (a woman whom seven demons was cast out of; and often believed according to tradition to [[TheOldestProfession have been a prostitute]]) is portrayed by Rebecca St. James (known for her advocacy of abstinence from sex before marriage).


[[folder: The 2003 Film ]]

* BackedByThePentagon: All of the soldiers in the Qin army sequence as well as the palace sequences were performed by actual Chinese People's Liberation Army soldiers, except the stunt performers. It's estimated that 18000 were used as extras in the film.
* DoingItForTheArt:
** Creator/JetLi agreed to a pay cut so he could be in the movie.
** The "red fight" between Moon and Flying-Snow was filmed in a forest in Mongolia. Director Yimou Zhang had to wait until the leaves turn yellow, and hired local nomads to gather even more yellow leaves in order to cover the ground completely. In fact, he was so fanatic about the leaves, that he had his crew separate the leaves into four different "classes" which were each put at increasingly farther lengths from the camera.
** The lake scenes took almost three weeks to film because Yimou insisted that the lake's surface had to be perfectly still and mirror-like during filming. Due to the natural currents, this occurred every day for only three hours. And even less than that in case of windy weather.
** The Qin Empire preferred the color black, even for the horses. In order to be historically accurate, Yimou ordered all 300+ horses to be colored black (temporarily, of course) for the cavalry sequences.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Creator/JackieChan was offered the role of the King but turned it down.