* ActorAllusion[=/=]CelebrityParadox
-->'''Penny''': [[TrappedByMountainLions What if you were, like, stuck in a trap in the woods and, like, a cougar was trying to eat you?]] Would you date then?\\
'''[[TropeNamer Alex]]''': [[SelfDeprecation That's insane, why would that even happen?]]\\
'''Penny''': I have no idea, forget that, cause maybe your dad is the head of some elite counter-terrorist unit and he has [[Series/TwentyFour 24]] hours to - I don't know! The point is, would you date?"
** In the same vein, when discussing what to do when it comes to tracking a missing person (in "The Ex Factor"), Alex suggests that they "Call CTU."
** Jane once said that she made a "vision-board" in order for the universe to get her what she wants, including Brad. Brad then said that it wasn't really him on her vision-board, but instead it was one of the guys from InLivingColor. One of the creators/cast members of In Living Color is Damon Wayans (as well as his [[TheWayansBros brothers]]), real-life father of Damon Wayans Jr., who plays Brad.
** Alex is a huge fan of ''Film/LoveActually'' - in which Elisha Cuthbert had a supporting role.
* HeyItsThatGuy: Grant also goes by the name of Adam in [[{{Shameless}} another series that's set in Chicago]].
** Dave was cancer-stricken and suicidal until he had a [[FlashForward2009 flash forward]] of his Japanese girlfriend.
** Jane was [[{{Scrubs}} a doctor who liked dudes]]. Not into the whole crying thing.
** Brad lived in Southern California as a fitness instructor, until shortly after the NewGirl moved in.
** Minor recurring character Scotty apparently doubles as [[{{Series/GoOn}} a pathetic doormat of a guy named Danny in Southern California.]]
*** The first husband in [[RunningGag a long line of couples who wanted to have sex with Brad and Jane]] was Mr. K.
* ScrewedByTheNetwork: Season 3 starting a good month and a half after all the other fall season shows? Check. Is opposite a similar, but somewhat more popular sitcom? Check. There's a rerun every other week? Check.
** As of 2013 its schedule has been switched ''again'', this time airing in the Friday night slot [[FridayNightDeathSlot where television shows go to die.]]
** Yeah, let's air the show a day or two earlier in Canada! Canada doesn't have the Internet or the know-how to post the episodes online before the US airdates, right? Ah, I'm sure it won't affect ratings anyway.
** As of May 2013, the show has been officially cancelled, and the creators were unable to [[ChannelHop get the show picked up by another channel]].