!!Trivia for the GameShow:

* HeyItsThatGuy: Chuck Woolery? What are you doing ''here''?
** Larry Toffler from ''Series/FindersKeepers'' was a contestant on the 1970s-themed episode. And not for charity, either.
** A contested on the first episode was music historian and producer Andy Zax, who later appeared on [[Series/BeatTheGeeks another game show]].
* TheOtherMarty: Burton Richardson announced the first episode, but was dubbed over with Mark Thompson. Notably, Mark "re-created" a ThrowItIn moment from Burton, who accidentally called a contestant "Michelle" instead of "Michael".
* ScrewedByTheNetwork: Was going to get a second season, but it was axed by the network's anti-GameShow president.
* ThrowItIn: Burton Richardson announced the first episode until it was decided to replace him with Mark Thompson. When announcing the first episode, Burton accidentally called a contestant "Michelle Smith" instead of Michael. Mark Thompson "re-created" this blooper when he was chosen as the series' announcer (all his work was done in post).

!!Trivia for the Film:

* ExecutiveMeddling: This film was a victim of this.
* PlayingAgainstType: [=ZaSu=] Pitts, primarily known for her comedic roles, as the doomed Trina.