[[folder: Original series ]]

* AccidentallyAccurate: A meta example: An interview with cast and crew revealed a story that the shows writers were once called into the CIA to find out where they were getting ideas for the show's gadgets. Apparently, a few items in the series were ''suspiciously'' close to actual tools the CIA was developing.
* DirectedByCastMember: Don Adams directed 13 episodes.
* IronyAsSheIsCast: In contrast to his role as Larrabee, who was often being portrayed as even more bumbling than Max, Robert Karvelas actually worked as a stockbroker before he became an actor, a job that obviously requires a lot of book smarts.
* StarMakingRole: For Don Adams.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Mel Brooks and Buck Henry originally pitched the show to Creator/{{ABC}}, with the intention that Tom Poston play Maxwell Smart. ABC, however, declined. NBC then picked up the show, but requested that Don Adams be cast as Maxwell Smart as he was already under contract with the network. ABC would later green light another show from the same production company, ''Series/SupermarketSweep''.
* WrittenByCastMember: Don Adams wrote two episodes, while David Ketcham, who played Agent 13, wrote an episode.


[[folder: 2008 Movie ]]

* TheDanza: Dalip, Siegfried's [[TheBrute brute]], is played by Dalip Singh -- known as The Great Khali of Wrestling/{{WWE}} fame.
* ThrowItIn: Anne Hathaway ad-libbed the scene where Agent 99 grills Max on what he would do if confronted by a gun-wielding assassin.
* According to AMC's ''Story Notes'', Creator/MelBrooks contributed a few jokes to the film. However they failed to mention ''which'' jokes exactly.
** If he didn't write the "Nudnik Shpilkes" thing I will eat my hat.