[[folder: Original series ]]

* AccidentallyAccurate: A meta example: An interview with cast and crew revealed a story that the shows writers were once called into the CIA to find out where they were getting ideas for the show's gadgets. Apparently, a few items in the series were ''suspiciously'' close to actual tools the CIA was developing.
* DirectedByCastMember: Don Adams directed 13 episodes.
* HeyItsThatGuy:
** [[Series/TheTonightShow Johnny Carson]] plays a train conductor in "Aboard the Orient Express" and later a servant in "The King Lives?" His brother, Dick Carson, also directed an episode.
** [[RetroactiveRecognition Months before "Star Trek" first went into production]], Creator/LeonardNimoy appeared as a hitman in one episode.
** James Komack directed 11 episodes and wrote an episode. Komack is best known as creator and executive producer of ''Series/ChicoAndTheMan''.
** Creator/RichardDonner directed two episodes.
** Howard Morris directed an episode. Morris is best known for voicing Gopher in ''Franchise/WinnieThePooh'' and Wade Duck in ''WesternAnimation/GarfieldAndFriends''.
** Arne Sultan wrote 34 episodes and served as executive producer. Sultan is best known as co-developer and co-executive producer of ''Series/TooCloseForComfort''.
** Chris Heyward wrote 30 episodes. Heyward is best known for co-creating ''Series/MyMotherTheCar'' and ''Series/TheMunsters''.
** Leonard Stern wrote 17 episodes and was an executive producer. Stern is best known as creator and executive producer of ''Series/McMillanAndWife''.
** Allan Burns wrote 11 episodes. Burns is best known as co-creator and co-executive producer of ''Series/TheMaryTylerMooreShow'', ''Series/{{Rhoda}}'', and ''Series/LouGrant'', as well as for co-creating ''Series/MyMotherTheCar'' and ''Series/TheMunsters''.
** Gary Clarke wrote six episodes. Clarke is best known for playing Steve Hill in ''Series/TheVirginian''.
** Sam Bobrick wrote two episodes. Bobrick is best known for creating ''Series/SavedByTheBell''.
** Earl Barret wrote an episode. Barret is best known as co-developer and co-executive producer of ''Series/TooCloseForComfort''.
** Howard Merrill also wrote an episode. Merrill is best known as co-creator and program supervisor of ''Series/IveGotASecret''.
** Ed Haas also wrote an episode. Haas is best known for co-developing ''Series/TheMunsters''.
** Dale [=McRaven=] also wrote an episode. [=McRaven=] is best known as creator and executive producer of ''Series/PerfectStrangers'' and as co-creator, producer, and supervising producer of ''Series/MorkAndMindy''.
* HeyItsThatVoice: Max himself was [[WesternAnimation/TennesseeTuxedoAndHisTales Tennessee Tuxedo]] and later WesternAnimation/InspectorGadget.
* IronyAsSheIsCast: In contrast to his role as Larrabee, who was often being portrayed as even more bumbling as Max, Robert Karvelas actually worked as a stockbroker before he became an actor, a job that obviously requires a lot of smarts.
* StarMakingRole: For Don Adams.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Mel Brooks and Buck Henry originally pitched the show to Creator/{{ABC}}, with the intention that Tom Poston play Maxwell Smart. ABC, however, declined. NBC then picked up the show, but requested that Don Adams be cast as Maxwell Smart as he was already under contract with the network. ABC would later green light another show from the same production company, ''Series/SupermarketSweep''.
* WrittenByCastMember: Don Adams wrote two episodes, while David Ketcham, who played Agent 13, wrote an episode.


[[folder: 2008 Movie ]]

* TheDanza: Dalip, Siegfried's [[TheBrute brute]], is played by Dalip Singh -- known as The Great Khali of Wrestling/{{WWE}} fame.
* HeyItsThatGuy: LittleMissSunshine's Grandpa and Uncle Frank are spies.
** Bill Romanowski, NFL All-Pro linebacker and noted steroid user, is the guy who slam tackles Max in the movie.
** And when he's not [[SquashMatch squashing]] opponents in the Wrestling/{{WWE}}, The Great Khali helps KAOS kill people.
** [[Film/{{Borat}} Azamat Bagatov]] works for [[SupermanII General Zod]].
** Creator/PatrickWarburton is Hymie.
** The guy in the Opel who gets hit by a car is 1968!Sigfried.
** Don't forget [[{{Anchorman}} Champ Kind]] and [[Film/TheExpendables Hale Caesar]] versus [[Film/YouDontMessWithTheZohan Zohan's roommate]] and [[Series/{{Heroes}} Hiro Nakamura.]]
** For children's movie fans, [[WesternAnimation/DespicableMe Gru]], [[Film/ThePrincessDiaries Princess Mia Thermopolis]] and [[Film/TheGamePlan Joe Kingman]] in a spy movie.
** For sitcom fans, [[Series/TheOfficeUS Michael Scott]] is Max, [[Series/TheOfficeUS Todd Packer]] is Larabee, [[Series/BrooklynNineNine Sgt. Jeffords]] is Agent 91 and [[Series/TheTick The Tick]] shows up as Hymie.
* ThrowItIn: Anne Hathaway ad-libbed the scene where Agent 99 grills Max on what he would do if confronted by a gun-wielding assassin.
* According to AMC's ''Story Notes'', Creator/MelBrooks contributed a few jokes to the film. However they failed to mention ''which'' jokes exactly.