!!The comic:
* DevelopmentHell: ''Daredevil: End of Days'', a miniseries depicting the hypothetical deaths of Daredevil and his "biggest secret", was in development since at least 2009. Thankfully, the series is finally being released starting late 2012.
* SavedByTheNetwork: The title had been faltering since Marv Wolfman left the title. By the time Creator/FrankMiller had become penciler, sales were getting so bad that other executives advised JimShooter to cancel it. Shooter disagreed, having (correctly) guessed that Miller would revive interest in the title.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSNgXKCwLwo A Daredevil video game in 2004]]
** According to Shooter, Miller wanted to quit the title shortly after becoming penciler due to his dissatisfaction with then-writer Roger [=McKenzie=]. Shooter managed to talk him out of it, and editor Denny O'Neil later promoted Miller to writer.

!!The film:
* DVDBonusContent: Features the standard extra features, such as a director's commentary and other behind the scenes features but one of the unique features is an AudioDescription track for visually impaired people.
* ExecutiveMeddling: Why the theatrical version was met with a mixed reaction, but the director's cut was more warmly received. Fox smelled potential spin-off with Film/{{Elektra}}, so an entire subplot concerning Matt Murdock's "lawyer by day" persona (with his case eventually leading him to the Kingpin) was removed completely. His internal struggle with his vigilante justice clashing with his faith additionally take a backseat to increased screen time for Elektra and their love angle, and the film cut down on the intended DarkerAndEdgier tone. As a result upon its release, Daredevil nearly became the first film to not cross the $100 million domestic barrier after a $40 million opening, and Elektra completely tanked. Thankfully, the director's cut SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong.
** A different form occurred on the DVD release, where both the cast and crew insisted that an AudioDescription be included, making it one of the first films to do so.
* FakeNationality: The Greek-American Elektra Natchios is played by very not-Greek Jennifer Garner.
* HeyItsThatGuy: [[Series/TheSopranos Ralph Cifaretto]] is on the right side of the law, [[Series/TheSopranos A.J. Soprano]] bullies a young Matt Murdock, and [[Series/TheWire Spiros Vondas]] is finally getting some Justice.
** [[Film/IronMan Happy Hogan]] is Matt's partner in the law firm.
* OldShame:
** Ben Affleck does not look back on this experience fondly, stating that wearing a costume was "a source of humiliation". Considering he's taking up Batman's cape and cowl, though, it may have been the backlash from the HollywoodHypeMachine more than anything.
** Averted with Writer[=/=]Director Mark Steven Johnson - you would ''expect'' him to dislike the theatrical cut of the film due to ExecutiveMeddling that left an entire subplot on the cutting room floor, but on the ''Daredevil: Director's Cut'' DVD, he states that whilst he likes someone of the scenes added to the theatrical cut, he feels the Director's Cut was a superior film due to keeping various elements cut from the original release.
* RomanceOnTheSet: Affleck was still involved with Jennifer Lopez and Garner with Michael Vartan at the time, but after those relationships ended, Affleck and Garner became happily married with children.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: The director's cut was intended to be included on the original DVD release, but ultimately the idea was dropped due to lack of disc space.
** Ben Affleck was going to play Bullseye, but landed the lead role. Had this happened, it would probably make the [[spoiler:scene where Bullseye guts Elektra]] an interesting topic for their kids.

!! The Series
* HeyItsThatGuy
** [[BoardwalkEmpire Owen]] can't get revenge on Masseria, but he is taking on another heavy-set mob boss here.