!!!The novel:
* HeAlsoDid: This from the man whose autobiography was ''Literature/EmpireOfTheSun?''

!!!The 1996 film:
* BannedInChina: The film was banned by the local council in the City of Westminster (which includes most of the central London cinemas) after the ''[[UsefulNotes/BritishNewspapers Daily Mail]]'' launched one of the most unhinged censorious campaigns against a single film in the UK's living memory. [[LoopholeAbuse However, anyone wanting to watch the film only had to walk along to the non-Westminster half of Shaftsbury Avenue- that is in the neighboring borough of Camden- to see it in a cinema there]].
* TheDanza: James Spader as James Ballard. This one is most certainly coincidence, as this character's name is taken from the writer (James Graham Ballard) rather than the actor.

!!! The 2005 film:
* ActorSharedBackground: Bahar Soumekh and Shaun Toub actually are Iranian-American, like their characters. However, they are both Persian Jews, not Muslims as seems to be the case in the film.
* NamesTheSame: As a 1996 Creator/DavidCronenberg [[Literature/{{Crash}} film]] about people who get sexual thrills from being in car crashes.
* RecycledTheSeries: The TV show ''Crash'', starring the late Dennis Hopper as a misanthropic Hollywood producer whose life intersects with characters from all walks of life in LA. (See Series page)