!The musical:
* ColbertBump: It's received a lot more attention lately after being revealed as the favorite musical (and movie) of Lewis Lovhaug, the host of the wildly popular ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'', with him citing the important role it played in forming his personal sense of morality as a child.
* CutSong: "Fie on Goodness" is cut from some productions. Another number, between Mordred and Morgan [=LeFey=], is often cut. Nobody misses it.
** Despite being on the original cast album, "Fie on Goodness" and "Then You May Take Me to the Fair" were cut from the original Broadway run to shorten an over-long show.

!For the film:
* ActorInspiredElement: It was Creator/VanessaRedgrave's idea to do "Take Me to the Fair," in a constantly changing setting with new backgrounds and costumes for every change of verse to show the passage of time.
* AwesomeDearBoy: Creator/RichardHarris desperately campaigned to play King Arthur, despite being repeatedly refused due to his limited singing ability. At one point he even paid a man to carry a board down the Strand that said, "Harris Better than Burton, Only Harris for Camelot". When Creator/VanessaRedgrave was cast as Guenivere, Harris sent a note to producer Jack L. Warner, which read, "Height of Vanessa Redgrave: 5 feet 11 inches. Creator/RichardBurton: 5 feet 10 inches. Richard Harris: 6 feet 2 inch,"
* CaliforniaDoubling: Despite being set in Medieval England, the movie was actually filmed on location in Spain.
* CutSong: "The Jousts", "Before I Gaze At You Again", "The Seven Deadly Virtues", "Persuasion" and "Fie On Goodness!" were cut from the film.
* FakeBrit: Creator/FrancoNero as Lancelot.
* PropRecycling: The knights' armor in the film was brought to Hollywood from Spain, where it had been used in ''Film/ElCid''.
* RomanceOnTheSet: Much like their characters, Creator/VanessaRedgrave and Creator/FrancoNero were lovers at the time.
* WagTheDirector:
** Creator/RichardHarris insisted on cutting Lancelot and Guinevere's love scene, because he felt that it reduced the dignified aspects of the king. When Jack L. Warner refused to comply, Harris burst into his office and started pounding on the desk.
** Creator/VanessaRedgrave insistined on "creative" enhancements to her dialogue, costumes, and character. For one musical number which accents Guenevere's playful attitude towards Lancelot, she baffled the director by singing her lyrics in French. When questioned as to why, she said, "We're making fun of Lancelot, aren't we? And he's French. Well, the whole idea is that by singing it in French we're making more of a joke of him." Luckily, after an exhausting debate, Logan managed to get her to record the lyrics in English.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: The original plan was to have Creator/RichardBurton and Creator/JulieAndrews reprise their stage roles as King Arthur and Guinevere. This fell through when due to salary disagreements. Warner Bros. considered having Burton star opposite Creator/ElizabethTaylor and Creator/PeterOToole as Guinevere and Lancelot, but this was deemed too expensive.

!For the TV Series:
* AwesomeDearBoy: Eva Green is a huge lover of witches and the occult, and loves the chance to play them.
* DuelingShows: ''Series/GameOfThrones'' and more loosely ''{{Series/Merlin}}''.
* FakeBrit:
** Eva Green once again downplays her French accent to play a British character.
** Peter Mooney, who plays Kay, is Canadian, as is Lara Jean Chorostecki (Bridget).
** Diramuid Murtagh (Brastias) is Irish.
* FollowTheLeader: It did not go unnoticed that this series started up at the same time ''Series/{{Merlin 2008}}'' was beginning its fourth season. Though it was probably a coincidence, it also ended up containing several interesting similarities to the other show, including Arthur and Morgan being half-siblings through their father (most versions have Igraine as the shared parent), Morgan having a dark-skinned maidservant, and Arthur being characterized as a SpoiledBrat before his CharacterDevelopment. These aspects were unique to each show and are seldom (if ever) seen in other adaptations of Myth/ArthurianLegend.
* PlayingAgainstType: Claire Forlani was famous for various love interest roles in American films during the 90s. Playing a ProperLady in a fantasy piece is very different. What's more is that it's one of the first major roles where she gets to use her natural accent (she's English but normally plays Americans).
* StillbornFranchise: In the season finale, [[SequelHook the Round Table is established, and Mordred is conceived]]. Then the show was axed. The official reason was lead actors having prior commitments, but lower viewership and critical reception compared to contemporary shows like ''[[DuelingShows Game of Thrones]]'' didn't help.