! TV Series:
* CompletelyDifferentTitle: In Japan, the series became Shiro-Bi Yarou Jon & Ponch (Motorcycle Police Guys Jon & Ponch) "Shiro-Bi" is a Japanese shorthand for a motorcycle used for law-enforcing use, in this case it stands for "Shiro(i) Bi(ke)" (White Bike, because most motorcycles used for police use are painted white).
* HostilityOnTheSet: Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada were often said to frequently clash, and did not get along well with each other during the production of this show. This was reported to be a factor in Wilcox's decision to quit the series. Estrada was said to be similarly displeased working with Tom Reilly, who replaced Wilcox as Poncherello's partner Officer Bob "Bobby" Nelson.
* McLeaned: Midway through the final season, Tom Reilly (Bobby) was arrested for drug possession. This resulted in his role being reduced, with Bruce Penhall having his role as Bobby's brother Bruce being increased. The California Highway Patrol also threatened to revoke the show's use of their badge and related imagery, over the bad publicity, due to the arrest.
* RecastAsARegular: Randi Oaks played a car thief named Kim Balford in the Season 2 episode "Down Time" and joined the cast as officer Bonnie Clark at the beginning of Season 3.
* UnintentionalPeriodPiece: As well as solving the case of the week, the officers would typically partake in a 70s pop culture fad (disco, bio-rhythms, pinball, etc.) Also, piles (literally) of vintage 70s cars.
* TheWikiRule: [[http://chips-tv.com/wiki/Main_Page The CHiPs Wiki]].
* WrittenInInfirmity: Erik Estrada suffered a very serious motorcycle accident while filming an episode. Until he recovered, he literally shot scenes from his hospital bed.
! Film:
* BackedByThePentagon: Thoroughly averted. The film opens with the message: “The California Highway Patrol does not endorse this film...''at all''.
** The department is referred to as “the CHP” while the real one [[SpellMyNamewithaThe is just “CHP” with no “the,”]] and the uniforms, badges, patches, and patrol cars are BlandNameProduct versions of the real thing.
* BoxOfficeBomb: Budget, $25 million. Box office, $18,600,152 (domestic), $25,500,152 (worldwide). This comedic film version of the 70's TV show was lambasted by critics for relying too much on lowbrow jokes. Its opening weekend saw it smashed by an array of newcomers and holdovers.
* CaliforniaDoubling: The opening scenes set in Miami were filmed in Long Beach and San Pedro, California. At least one shot has the battleship USS ''Iowa'' prominently visible in the background.
* CreatorBacklash: Erik Estrada has expressed ''extreme'' displeasure at the film's main characters [[spoiler:pulling out guns]], something that his [[DoesntLikeGuns character from the original TV series does NOT do]]. Even his fans completely agree to this criticism.
* FakeNationality: Officer Taylor is played by Australian actress Jessica [=McNamee=].