'''Related to the Toyline'''
* DevelopmentHell: MMS Type Motorcycle Estoril and MMS Type Cruiser Jill Rivers; two prototype Shinkis with armor that could be configured into a Motorcycle mode. Sadly, there has been no word from Konami on ''if'' they ever come out.
** Beyond these two you have Flamberge and Corsesca. Two unknown types that were only shown as unpainted prototypes and drawings.
** The possibility of Konami releasing any more Shinkies has dimmed drastically over the past few years, especially after Konami had a liquidation sale on what few remaining figures they had left.
* ExecutiveMeddling: It is theorized that Konami's meddling has delayed the development and production of Kotobukiya's Busou Shinki remake figures that use the Machineca body technology seen in ''Toys/MegamiDevice''.
* FanNickname: "Babypuncher" for Juvisy, due to how powerful she could become in ''Battle Rondo'' if she's given the right parts.
* NoExportForYou: There was a short North American release of the franchise, but it came as quickly as it went. And with the current market, your best bet for getting one is importing.
* SavedFromDevelopmentHell: It seems Kotobukiya, the group behind Frame Arm Girls, has picked up the Busou Shinki license as they showed off model kits for Arnval and Strarf at Wonfes 15.

'''Related to the Anime'''
* [[TalkingToHimself Talking To Herself]]: In Episode 6, Kana Asumi voices not just Ann, but also the terrorist and SWAT Arnvals.