* FanNickname: Czeslaw has "Czeswaffles", as both a joke on the way his name is ''actually'' pronounced (Czes-WAUFF) and a term of affection due to his [[TheWoobie woobiness]]
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Several scenes and hooks, such as [[spoiler: Adele]] in a brief cameo in episode one and [[spoiler: Dallas' body already recovered by Lamia before Eve could find him]] show that there potentially was going to be an animated version of The Slash arc, but Baccano had poor sales in Japan. See GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff on the YMMV tab.
* TheWikiRule: [[http://baccano.wikia.com/wiki/Baccano!_Wiki Here.]]

!! Tropes exclusive to the Light Novels

* NoExportForYou: Want to read the LightNovels, but can't read either Japanese or Chinese? Well, then it sucks to be you!

!! Tropes exclusive to the Anime

* FakeNationality: The dub is INCREDIBLE, but Huey Laforet simply sounds like Pepe Lepew.
* HeyItsThatVoice: [[Manga/{{Gintama}} Shinpachi and Sacchan]] are lovers while ''[[Manga/{{Gintama}} Gintoki's]]'' the AxCrazy bastard here!?
* TheOtherDarrin: Isaac and Miria were voiced by SamRiegel and StephanieSheh respectively in {{LightNovel/Durarara}}.
* PlayingAgainstType: Quite a few of the more famous seiyuu in the series go completely against the grain of their usual type. In particular are Sugita and Morita, who forgo their usual DeadpanSnarker and upbeat [[TheHero Hero]] roles in favor of [[AxCrazy batshit insanity]].
** Creator/MasakazuMorita is generally known for straight-up heroes like [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Tidus]], [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Ichigo]] and [[VideoGame/SengokuBasara Maeda Keiji]], which are all rather different from Claire.
** Graham's Japanese voice actor is Creator/TomokazuSugita. That would be [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Kyon]] and [[{{Kanon}} Yuuichi]] for those in the know, and Graham is about as far from those as you can get.
** In English, Ladd Russo's voice actor Brian Massey is... [[DragonballZ Oolong the pig?]] No seriously, he is.