!!The musician:
* BigNameFan: Music/BobDylan appears to be one; not only did he play Beck on his radio show, but he participated in a charity album called ''War Child Presents Heroes.'' On the album, classic musicians chose a favorite contemporary artist to do a cover of one of their songs. Dylan selected Beck to play "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat."
** In a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_Shxykih1k radio interview]], Music/TomWaits said he loves Beck.
* BreakthroughHit: "Loser".
* SimilarlyNamedWorks: Narrowly avoided - "Broken Train", from his 1999 album ''Midnite Vultures'', had the WorkingTitle of "Out Of [[XtremeKoolLetterz Kontrol]]", but he made a different part of the refrain become the TitleDrop because Music/TheChemicalBrothers had released a single called "Out Of '''C'''ontrol" the same year. The change came late enough that early promo copies of ''Midnite Vultures'' still listed it as "Out Of Kontrol".
* ChurchOfHappyology: Beck was raised a Scientologist and is one of the more prominent examples. He's far from preachy about it, and in fact used to end interviews if it was brought up. Whilst he's willing to talk about it (if sparingly) this days, his accounts of his childhood remain pretty lacking because he leaves out anything about his religion (which took up a lot of his time).
* ThrowItIn: Why "Loser" exists. Beck was tooling around in the studio, tried to freestyle, and when it hit him that he couldn't rap, he muttered, "''Soy un perdedor''" ("I'm a loser").
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Beck collaborated with William Orbit on a song called "Feel Good Time", which was going to appear on an Orbit solo album. Somehow the the unreleased recording got into the hands of someone involved with licensing music for ''[[Series/CharliesAngels Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle]]'', who wanted to use the song in the film. Beck turned down the offer. In the meantime {{Music/Pink}}, who was slated to record a different song with William Orbit for the soundtrack, also heard "Feel Good Time" and decided she wanted to sing it herself. With Beck's approval, his vocals and guitar were removed from the mix, P!nk's vocals were added, and her version of the song became a hit. The version with Beck's vocals was never officially released, but [[KeepCirculatingTheTapes can be found online]] because William Orbit himself eventually leaked it.

!!The anime/manga:
* HeyItsThatGuy: In the live-action adaptation, Takeru Sato ([[Series/KamenRiderDenO Ryotaro Nogami]]) is Koyuki, whereas Hiro Mizushima ([[Series/KamenRiderKabuto Souji Tendou]]) plays Ryusuke.
* HeyItsThatVoice: For one, Saku's English voice is provided by none other than JohnnyYongBosch, one of the most well-known everymen in internationalized anime.
** Not to mention that Koyuki himself is [[OuranHighSchoolHostClub Kaoru.]]
** The Philippine dub is said to be done by several popular rock stars in the country.