!![[Film/{{Australia}} The film]]:

* ActorAllusion
** In a possibly unintentional one, Creator/DavidWenham plays a completely evil bastard named Fletcher, just like in ''Film/TheProposition''.
** The ranch owned by Lady Ashley's husband is called Faraway Downs; Creator/NicoleKidman also starred in ''Series/FarAndAway''.
* FakeBrit[=/=]IronyAsSheIsCast: Real Australian Creator/NicoleKidman as the British Lady Sarah Ashley. You hire an Australian to make a film in Australia ''called Australia'' and then have her pretend to British. Otherwise she sounds just like Music/KylieMinogue.
* PropRecycling - Large amounts of the Japanese air raid effects were re-used from Tora! Tora! Tora!, resulting in footage showing ships that were not present and showing the use of torpedos instead of the 600kg bombs the Kate bombers historically dropped.