* AccidentallyCorrectWriting: To further distinguish chipmunk from chipmunk during the first part of the movie, Alvin and Theodore's eyes are recolored brownish-amber and green, respectively, while Simon keeps his blue eyes. Blue eyes are said to be the weakest common eye color and more likely to need glasses than green or brown.
* FanNickname:
** The term "to chipmunk a song" means to edit the song to give the vocals (and consequently the rest of the song) a higher pitch. The term finds its roots in these characters. Just add "chipmunk" to any search for a song on Website/YouTube, and you're bound to find one. Oh, and watch out for fake chipmunked songs. "Real" chipmunked songs are actually pitch-adjusted (like real Chipmunks songs) and are the same length as the original. The fakes are the result of simply speeding up the original and are much shorter. Some people think that the former sounds better than the latter.
** Because they've earned much disdain from a good-sized portion of the fanbase, the CGI character designs have earned the not-so-affectionate nickname, "CGI Rats".
* TalkingToHimself:
** Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and David Seville are all voiced by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. in "The Chipmunk Song".
** Since the '80s, Alvin, Simon, and Dave have been voiced by Ross Bagdasarian, Jr., while Theodore and all three Chipettes are voiced by his wife, Janice Karman.
** Later still, when the series switched to [=DiC=] for animation, almost all of the additional one-shot characters were voiced by their associate producer Thom Watkins, with Ross occasionally stepping in for other additional male characters, while Janice voiced most additional female characters.
** [[AvertedTrope Averted]] in the LiveActionAdaptation, where each chipmunk is voiced by a different actor.
** On the second-draft ConceptAlbum ''Chipmunk Punk'', each chipmunk is sung by a different singer as well: Ross Bagdasarian Jr. was Alvin, Steve Vining was Simon and Dave Adams of Glass Moon was Theodore.
** PlayedForLaughs on one compilation album in which Alvin "interviews" Ross Bagdasarian Jr.
* TechnologyMarchesOn: Many times you see Simon referencing the latest computers as being incredible, despite graphics which have ''visible'' pixels and being roughly the size of a microwave oven. Audio equipment is similarly outdated, using reel-to-reel recording devices instead of digital media which was gaining popularity even in the late eighties when this show was produced. "Back to Our Future" [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] this phenomenon by having the '60s Chipmunks all amazed at the advances in technology.
-->'''[='60s=] Alvin:''' Incredible! There's music coming from [[BuffySpeak these little silver thingies!]]\\
'''[='60s=] Simon:''' And this computer has as much information on it as the public library!\\
'''[='60s=] Theodore:''' Look at this TV! It's color! And it has more than three channels!
* UnintentionalPeriodPiece:
** Literally every incarnation of the franchise and almost every album is essentially a glimpse into popular music at the time of release. The chipmunks are essentially a cover band that plays contemporary tunes. The Chipettes are also prone to FashionDissonance due to dressing in less timeless clothes than the boys sweaters or hoodies.
** "The Chipmunk Song" has Alvin asking for a hula hoop for Christmas, which was all the rage in the late 1950s. These days, you'd wonder why he would want something so simple.
* TheWikiRule: [[http://alvin.wikia.com/ Munkapedia]]
* WordOfGod: When [[http://th01.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2013/202/9/a/rossjr_by_spring_heel_jackie-d6ei5so.png Ross (Jr.)]] took the ‘Dave Seville’ mantle, Janice Karman wanted the character to be based on her husband, well, take a look at all the incarnation from [[http://th01.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2013/202/7/a/christmasdave_by_spring_heel_jackie-d6ehtlk.png A Chipmunk Christmas]], episodes done by [[http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/202/b/f/rubyspearsdave1_by_spring_heel_jackie-d6ei7w8.png Ruby]]-[[http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/202/e/0/rubyspearsdave2_by_spring_heel_jackie-d6ei7zz.png Spears]], [[http://th09.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2013/202/f/6/chipmunkadventuredave_by_spring_heel_jackie-d6ei6ty.png The Chipmunk Adventure]], episodes done by [[http://th01.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2013/202/f/6/dicdave_by_spring_heel_jackie-d6ei1sh.png DiC]], [[http://th05.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2013/202/6/8/frankensteindave_by_spring_heel_jackie-d6ei1i2.png AATC meet Frankenstein]] and [[http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/202/5/4/wolfmandave_by_spring_heel_jackie-d6ei761.png AATC meet the Wolfman]].
* WriteWhoYouKnow: Bagdasarian chose chipmunks for the "sped up" voice on his novelty records after a chance encounter with a feisty chipmunk he broke for while out for a drive, who seemed to egg him on.

!!For ''WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow'':
* ActorAllusion:
** In the "Witch Doctor" musical segment of ''The Alvin Show'', Dave exclaims "I made that record once!" in regards to the Chipmunks wanting to sing the song. This is because Ross Bagdasarian didn't consider "Witch Doctor" not technically being a Chipmunks song, the first true song by the Chipmunk Trio being "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)."
* CrossDressingVoices
** Creator/JuneForay does Alvin's angelic self in "Alvin's Alter Ego".
** Alvin in the Italian dub.
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: There's never been a complete compilation tape/DVD or box set containing all the episodes. There exists only the aforementioned Sing Along tapes (which just have some of the musical segments) a DVD called "''The Very First Alvin Show''" (which only contains one of the first episodes, along with the specials ''A Chipmunk Reunion'' and ''Rockin' Through the Decades''), and a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack containing three episodes.
* NonSingingVoice: Creator/JuneForay does Mrs. Frumpington's singing at the end of "Squares" because she sounded more crazier than Lee Patrick.
* TalkingToHimself: Dave, Alvin, Simon, Theodore and Sam Valiant. Though not fully determined, it is rumored that Clyde Crashcup's voice actor Creator/ShepardMenken provided Leonardo the assistant's whispering.
* VindicatedByReruns

!!For ''[[ChristmasEpisode A Chipmunk Christmas]]'':
* CrossDressingVoice: See {{the other Darrin}}.
* TheOtherDarrin:
** This special's the first time both Ross Bagdasarian Jr. and Janice Karman took over the vocal roles of Dave Seville and the Chipmunks [[note]]Ross Bagdasarian Jr. voicing Alvin and Simon with Janice Karman voicing Theodore[[/note]] and would be throughout the franchise until the live action/CGI movies with Creator/JasonLee. [[note]] Though Ross still provides Alvin's singing voice, Janice does Theodore and the Chipettes' singing voice and Steve Vining for Simon[[/note]]
** Charles Berendt voices Clyde Crashcup instead of Shepard Menken here.
* RealLifeRelative: Husband and wife Ross Bagdasarian Jr. and Janice Karman picked up the franchise. Then later on, their kids Vanessa and Michael started helping them.

!!For ''WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunks''/''The Chipmunks'':
* ActorAllusion:
** Grandpa Seville, a farmer, is voiced by Creator/AlanYoung, who not only voice [[Franchise/TheSmurfs Farmer Smurf]] but he has played another farmer before in 1952 movie ''Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick'' as titular Aaron Slick.
** In "The Gang’s All Here," The Chipmunks face a gang called the Steam Rollers in the roller rink. Theodore and the Chipettes' voice actress, Janice Karman, had starred in a gang film called ''Film/SwitchbladeSisters'' where there’s a scene in the movie when the Dagger Debs and their male counterparts, Silver Daggers, have a showdown with a new gang that arrived led by Crabs. Only difference being [[spoiler:the Chipettes had initially came dressed as cheerleaders for support had to assist the boys when they needed help, though it’s only after the Steam Rollers breaks one of Brittany's nails does she take them all on. The scene in ''Switchblade Sisters'' proves disastrous when Crabs’ men show up armed with rifles and killing the boyfriend of the Dagger Deb’s leader, who’s brutally assaulted thus causing her to miscarriage.]] Theodore even tries to find people to create a gang against the Steam Rollers [[spoiler:and fail]] is how the Dagger Debs recruits Muff (played by Marlene Clark) and her gang of African-American militants from across town to take on Crabs’ gang.
* BeamMeUpScotty: A rare visual example. For many years, fans believed that the infamous "Sploosh" episode had [[TheBigDamnKiss Simon and Jeanette kissing]] (mostly thanks to the few screencaps from the episode circulating around the internet including a cap of them leaning in for a smooch). When the episode ''finally'' surfaced briefly on Website/YouTube in 2011, and officially released on DVD later that same year, it turns out TheBigDamnKiss was nothing more than an AlmostKiss.
* CrossDressingVoice:
** Janice Karman as Theodore.
** The Chipmunks (Alvin, Simon and Theodore) for the Italian dub.
* TheDanza: [[RealLifeRelative Michael Bagdasarian]] (probably) voiced Michael in "Trick or Treason".
* EditedForSyndication: 65 episodes were syndicated by Lorimar-Telepictures in 1988. They were the first five seasons, both Valentines and Reunion primetime specials, and the 11 Murakami-Wolf-Swenson episodes from season 6. In most markets, almost every episode from the first three seasons, as well as a handful from the fourth are sped up (similar to PAL) to conserve time for longer commercial breaks. Some season 3 episodes left the speed alone, but trimmed certain scenes out. In the U.S., a later broadcast on the Cartoon Network left out the the individual episode title cards from the Ruby-Spears episodes, though international markets always retained them. These title cards were originally narrated by Casey Kasem (the announcer for NBC's Saturday Morning programming at the time), but were replaced with Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.'s voice-overs for Dave and Alvin. New commercial bumpers were also added (also narrated by Ross Jr. performing as Dave and Alvin), and a Lorimar-Telepictures logo was inserted at the end of each episode from this package.
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes:
** Bagdasarian Productions keep re-releasing the exact same compilation [=DVD=]s (with maybe an additional entry or two with certain releases) year after year, under different titles.
** Different episodes, in different forms, continually pop up on various different video sharing sites, such as Website/YouTube or Dailymotion, though they do suffer from being pulled for copyright, whether from Bagdasarian Productions, or other companies such as Creator/WarnerBros (particularly uploads from Creator/CartoonNetwork recordings).
* LongRunners: While most Saturday Morning cartoons lasted a season or two at best, this cartoon lasted for eight seasons, with over 100 episodes, and spawning a number of TV specials associated with it.
* TheOtherDarrin:
** Grandma Seville seems to gain a new voice each time she appears and Ross Jr. replaced AlanYoung as Grandpa Seville in his last appearance.
** Janice Karman voices Vinny instead on Creator/JuneForay in her second appearance.
* RealLifeWritesThePlot: "Cookie Chomper III". See {{write who you know}} example below.
* ShowAccuracyToyAccuracy: In their debut episode, The Chipettes don matching pleated yellow dresses for concerts and public appearances. It was the only episode of the series to feature them in these dresses. However, when The Chipmunks Posable Play Pals line was released, figures of The Chipettes wearing the dresses were released.
* TalkingToHimself: Really taken to new levels during the Creator/{{DiC|Entertainment}} era of the show; by then, Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. and Janice Karman did almost all of the voices themselves (notice an increase in characters who sound almost like Dave, and all the female characters have the same voice), while their associate producer, Thom Watkins, did the rest. By then, the only characters who ''weren't'' voiced by Bagdasarian, Karman, or Watkins were Miss Miller (Dody Goodman) and Lilly the puppy (Frank Welker).
* WriteWhoYouKnow: [[spoiler:In "Cookie Chomper III", the dog the Chipmunks adopted is named Lilly. Lilly the puppy was named after Ross Bagdasarian Jr. and Janice Karman's dog, Tiger Lily, who served as the real-life inspiration for this episode. Like Cookie Chomper III, Tiger Lily was also run over by a car and died.]]

!!For ''WesternAnimation/TheChipmunkAdventure'':
* ActorAllusion: At one point, you hear Miss Miller badly singing "C'mon a-my House"...a tune co-written by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.
* CrossDressingVoices:
** Janice Karman as Theodore.
** Creator/NancyCartwright as the Arabian Prince.
** Creator/FrankWelker as Sophie, the Yorkshire Terrier puppy.
** In the Italian dub, Alvin.
* TalkingToHimself:
** Alvin, Simon and Dave.
** Brittany, Jeanette, Eleanor and Theodore.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** Production of the movie became too time consuming, and with the deadline for the completed project fast approaching, several scenes in the original script had to be re-written to make them simpler for the animators to animate (including the sacrificing scene), or cut from the script completely, thus resulting in a much shorter movie with fewer locations The Chipmunks and Chipettes actually visit.
** Early concept art also reveals that the producers originally intended to have a scene where the boys drop off a doll in a church confessional and that the sacrifice scene was originally set on top of a Mayan pyramid instead of a crocodile pit. Another sketch shows the boys in some sort of sewer or prison with two men prying open bars at an opening at the top.

!!For ''WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunksMeetFrankenstein'':
* ActorAllusion: This is the second time Michael Bell has played a character who built a humanoid being: The first one was Clockwork Smurf as [[WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs Handy Smurf]].
* CrossDressingVoices:
** Again, Janice Karman as Theodore.
** Alvin in the Italian dub.
* DirectToVideo
* TalkingToHimself: Dave, Alvin and Simon.
* [[ActingForTwo Voicing for Two]]:
** Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson as Bud Wiley and a security guard.
** Creator/FrankWelker as Sammy Squirrel and Frankenstein Monster.
** In the European French dub, Bud Wiley and Phil the bus driver.

!!For ''WesternAnimation/AlvinAndTheChipmunksMeetTheWolfman'':
* CrossDressingVoice:
** Elizabeth Daily as Nathan.
** Once again, Janice Karman as Theodore.
** In the Italian dub, Alvin.
** European French dub, Theodore.
* DirectToVideo
* TalkingToHimself:
** Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor.
** Dave, Alvin and Simon.
* VoiceActors:
** [[Creator/ElizabethDaily E.G. Daily]]
** Miriam Flynn
** Creator/MauriceLaMarche
** Creator/RobPaulsen
** Creator/FrankWelker
** Creator/AprilWinchell

!!For ''Film/LittleAlvinAndTheMiniMunks'':
* CrossDressingVoice
* DirectToVideo
* RealLifeRelative: Husband Ross Bagdasarian Jr. and wife Janice Karman as Dave and Lalu. In the credits, daughter Vanessa Bagdasarian is part of the "featuring" credits role.
* TalkingToHimself:
** Dave, Alvin and Simon.
** Lalu, Theodore, Brittany and Jeanette, not sure if any of them interacted with Eleanor.

!!For the [[Film/AlvinAndTheChipmunks Live-Action/CGI films]]:
!!!First Movie
* ActorAllusion:
** When the Chipmunks deliberately ruin the concert after realizing they've been tricked by Ian, Alvin shouts "[[Franchise/DieHard Yippee ki yay, mamacita]]!" in which Creator/JustinLong played Matthew ‘Matt’ Farrell in ''Live Free or Die Hard''.
** Another reference to a movie with Creator/JustinLong is made in ''The Squeakquel'' when the Chipmunks are playing dodgeball:
---> "C'mon Alvin! Remember your [[Film/DodgeballATrueUnderdogStory five D's of dodge ball]]: [[ActorAllusion Dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge]]!"
** Also, in the first movie, Dave says "If I made a list of my worst days ever, guess what, this one would be at the top of the list!", a reference to his role in ''Series/MyNameIsEarl''.
* TheDanza: In Italy, Simon Seville is voiced by Simone Crisari.
* ExecutiveMeddling: Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. and Janice Karman were set to voice the characters for the first film, (they had already done some of the voices in the trailers), and Ross was even going to play Dave, however, Twentieth Century Fox rejected this, and insisted that younger people do the voices and a younger actor for the role of Dave... though, there ''is'' speculation that Fox made this move because they wanted more marketable names attached to the movie.
* FranchiseKiller: Inverted. It managed to increase Chipmunk popularity and spawned three sequels.
* MilestoneCelebration: Just barely averted. Ross Bagdasarian Jr. agreed to the project when he thought that it would be released in 2008, just in time for the Chipmunks' 50th anniversary. By the time he signed on, Fox informed him that they wanted it ready by that coming Christmas.
* MoneyDearBoy: Creator/DavidCross has made it no secret that he is only in these movies for the paycheck, publicly noting in an interview that his salary from the first film was larger than any other project he had been working on and helped him pay for a new house. He seems to have had enough with ''Chipwrecked'' though, which he called "literally, without question, the most unpleasant experience I've ever had in my professional life".
* TheOtherDarrin:
** Seeing that this has been going for over fifty years, it’s understandable. Although, the reason why Jason Lee was cast as Dave Seville for the live-action movies is because the makers wanted a younger actor at the time instead of the older Ross Bagdasarian Jr..
** Initially, Ross Bagdasarian Jr. and Janice Karman portrayed Alvin, Simon and Theodore in the film, but were replaced at the studio's insistence with younger actors Creator/JustinLong, Matthew Gray Gubler and Jesse [=McCartney=] respectively.
** Simon's singing voice is provided by Steve Vining and it’s not known if he provides the singing as well as voice on new soundtracks, though either he or Matthew Gray Gubler provided one line on the ‘Ho, Ho, Ho,’ song on the ''Undeniable'' soundtrack.
* TheOtherMarty: Ross Bagdasarian and Janice Karman recorded all the lines for Alvin, Simon and Theodore.
* UnderminedByReality: The first one has a story/moral in which the three chipmunks realize that fame and fortune is not all it is cracked out to be, and leave the seemingly superficial lifestyle, and the money, behind to enjoy an apparently better down-to-earth life with Dave. Family being more important that materialism is a fairly common Aesop... but when one realises that the movie is completely MerchandiseDriven, and was made to sell tickets, [=CDs=], toys, video games and other merchandise, the moral of turning your back on materialism seems kind of hollow.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** Ross Bagdasarian Jr. was originally set to portray David Seville; however, due to his age (58 at the time of filming), the younger Creator/JasonLee was chosen.
** Both he and Janice recorded their lines for the Chipmunks but were replaced by younger actors for promotional reasons.
** Creator/TimAllen, Creator/JimCarrey, Creator/ChevyChase, Creator/BillMurray, Creator/BenStiller and Creator/JohnTravolta were all offered and declined the role of Dave Seville.
** Creator/TomCruise, Creator/PattonOswalt and Creator/BrianPosehn were offered but rejected the role of Ian Hawke.
** Creator/DrewBarrymore, Creator/SarahMichelleGellar, Creator/SalmaHayek and Creator/JenniferLoveHewitt were considered for Claire Wilson.
** Creator/{{Universal}} (under the same licensing deal that resulted in the ''Frankenstein'' and ''Wolfman'' movies) was set to release a live-action film directed by Creator/RobertZemeckis, [[http://articles.latimes.com/2000/sep/12/business/fi-19557 but production was halted.]]
* WordOfGod:
** According to Ross Bagdasarian Jr. (and Creator/ZacharyLevi) the piano seen in the movie is the actual piano Ross Bagdasarian Sr. used to write and perform "The Chipmunk Song" as well as "The Witch Doctor" that launched the Chipmunks franchise.
** Dave's house number is 1958, the year Ross Bagdasarian created the Chipmunks and released "Witch Doctor" and the "Chipmunk Song."

!!!The Squeakquel
* ActorAllusion: Three months before ''The Squeakquel'' came out, [[WesternAnimation/CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs another movie]] premiered where Anna Faris voices an intelligent character wearing glasses named ‘Sam Sparks.’
** Creator/JasonLee, a professional skateboarder, trips over a skateboard.
* RealitySubtext: ''The Squeakquel'' involved Brittany being elevated to the front of the band against their wishes. Reminiscent of the naming of "Alvin and the Chipmunks" no doubt, but what song are they rehearsing? "Single Ladies" by Music/{{Beyonce}}, who went through this in RealLife.
* SoMyKidsCanWatch: Creator/ZacharyLevi's reason for doing ''The Squeakquel'' was so once he had kids of his own, he could watch this film with them.
* TheOtherDarrin: Amy Poehler, Anna Faris and Christina Applegate replace Janice Karman for the voice of the Chipettes.

* ActorAllusion (Well, Composer Allusion): This isn't [[WesternAnimation/RugratsGoWild the first movie about iconic characters being stranded on an island]] to be scored by Music/MarkMothersbaugh.
* CreatorBacklash: Actor Creator/DavidCross has said that the third film was the most unpleasant experience he's had in his life as a professional.
* TheOtherDarrin: [[spoiler:Alan Tudyk replaces Matthew Gray Gubler (for reasons unknown) when Simon gains the French accent, but Steve Vining still does the singing. Then when Simon’s back to normal, he’s voiced by Gubler once again.]]
* RecycledScript: The film is likely based on the episode, from the '80 animated show, "Island Fever" where The Chipmunks and The Chipettes go to perform on a high class cruise ship, the Island Lady and, because of Alvin, they drift in the ocean until they shipwreck on an desert island.

!!!The Road Chip:
* ActorAllusion: Laura Marano is in [[Series/AustinAndAlly Miami again]].[[note]](Although the babysitter she plays in [[TheCameo a cameo here]] seems more Trish than Ally.)[[/note]]
* BoxOfficeBomb: Budget, $90 million (not counting marketing costs). Box office, $85,643,880 (domestic), $232,287,225 (worldwide). While the previous three Chipmunks films did well at the box office (although they all had a poor critical reception), 20th Century Fox, originally planning a December 23rd release for the fourth installment of the series, decided to cash in on counter-programming [[ReleaseDateChange by bumping it up to a]] [[SuicidalOverconfidence downright suicidal]] Dec. 18th date, putting it in direct competition with the highly anticipated ''[[Film/TheForceAwakens Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens]]'' from former longtime partner Lucasfilm, who disassociated themselves from Fox after being bought by Disney. ''The Road Chip'' didn't stand a chance -- ''The Force Awakens'' proceeded to [[CurbStompBattle utterly demolish it]] at the box office, raking in a record-breaking $100 million on opening day ''alone'' and over $1 billion worldwide just barely after its first week, making it ''the highest-grossing film of the 2010s''. ''The Road Chip'' crashed and burned at a meager $14,287,159 on the same weekend, limping to $47,539,910 the same week, then $64,050,442 worldwide. On top of that, ''The Force Awakens'' was universally lauded by critics as a true-to-form comeback for the ''Star Wars'' franchise, while ''The Road Chip'' was utterly eviscerated by critics. In all likelihood, the film's resounding failure will [[FranchiseKiller bring the Chipmunks film series to an end]], being the second negative business-changing bust of the year for Fox after [[Film/FantasticFour2015 the attempted Fantastic Four reboot]].
* CastingGag:
** Tony Hale replaces David Cross as the main villain. [[Series/ArrestedDevelopment Does that remind you of anything?]]
** Eddie Steeples plays a friend of Jason Lee's character, just like in ''Series/MyNameIsEarl''.
* FranchiseKiller: Averted for the entire franchise, since the below-mentioned ''ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks'' did well enough to escape this fate. As noted above, however, played straight for the live-action film series.
* TheOtherDarrin: Creator/AmyPoehler doesn't reprise her role of Eleanor in this film; Creator/{{Kaley Cuoco}}-Sweeting takes over.
* ReleaseDateChange: The film was originally targeted for a December 23, 2015 release, but [[SuicidalOverconfidence Fox changed it to the same date as]] [[CashCowFranchise the highly-anticipated seventh]] ''[[CashCowFranchise Star Wars]]'' [[CashCowFranchise movie]] in an attempt to cash in on counter-programming. While not making as much money as previous films in the series, it's surprisingly done rather well, with a worldwide gross of $171,423,832 as of February 9th.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: If Website/IMDb trivia is to be believed, one early draft of the script featured Claire from the first movie [[TheBusCameBack returning]] and fulfilling the role taken by Samantha in the final film.

!!For ''WesternAnimation/ALVINNNAndTheChipmunks':
* TalkingToHimself[=/=]CrossDressingVoices: The 80s voice casting is brought back for this series.
* TheOtherDarrin: A passing on generation example: Eleanor is voiced by Vanessa Bagdasarian Chambers, Ross and Janice's elder daughter. The rest of the Chipmunks though, are [[RoleReprisal still voiced]] by her parents like in the 80's cartoon.