* CreatorBacklash: In an introduction to a later edition of the book, the author called it "pornographic" and an "embarrassment." He considers its main entertainment value to be from "raping and [[{{gorn}} ripping]]."

* AccidentallyAccurate: While mini-cassettes never took off as a music medium, the music store Alex visits almost seems to have anticipated the return of vinyl records some 40 years later. Ditto for Alex's apartment, now that elements of 1970's decor have found their way back into style as well.
* BannedInChina: Banned in Ireland, of course. And as noted bellow, [[CreatorBacklash Kubrick himself]] got it banned in the United Kingdom until he died.
* CreatorBacklash: The film was the subject of much media hype linking it to violent crimes. After Stanley Kubrick received death threats, he withdrew the film from screening in the UK, even suing arthouse theatres that tried to show it. The ban was only lifted after Kubrick's death.
* DawsonCasting: Malcolm [=McDowell=] was 27 during filming. Though Alex's age is never given, he's still supposed to be attending school in the beginning of the film. According to the DVDCommentary, Michael Tarn, who played Pete, was the only actor of the four Droogs who was still a teenager, being 19 at the time of filming.
* EnforcedMethodActing: Malcolm [=McDowell=] had actually scratched his cornea during filming, and thus the man with the eye drops during the Ludovico Technique was an actual medical practitioner. Malcolm [=McDowell=] developed a lasting hatred for eye-drops from filming this scene.
* HeyItsThatGuy:
** Frank Alexander's bodyguard, Julian, is David Prowse, best known as the man in the [[Franchise/StarWars Darth Vader]] suit.
** Deltoid is the [[Series/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy captain of the Golgafrincham B Ark]].
* TheRedStapler: Sales of [[{{LudwigVanBeethoven}} Beethoven's]] 9th Symphony went up after the film.
* TechnologyMarchesOn: Alex scams his way into the couple's house by telling her there was a car accident and he needs to use the phone. Nowadays it's 99% certain he would have had a mobile.
** Micro Compact Cassettes are used by Alex. Nowadays, it would be either a CD or just part of an iPod playlist.
* ThrowItIn: The scene with Alex dancing while he sings "Singing In The Rain" was the result of Stanley Kubrick finding the scene too conventional and asking actor Malcolm [=McDowell=] to improvise. Additionally, near the end, the man feeding Alex while Alex mocks him about it by 'popping' his mouth open while the man spoke to him came about as a result of Kubrick being in a particularly bad mood and [=McDowell=] acting goofy in an attempt to cheer him up. Considering it was used in the film, it's probably safe to say it worked.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Different people wanted to adapt A Clockwork Orange before Kubrick. This included one version featuring Alex and his droogs as wealthy old men and another version that would have been used as a vehicle for ''Music/TheRollingStones''.