''The Underpants'' is the most recent adaptation of the 1910 German farce Die Hose by playwright Carl Sternheim. The adaptation was written by SteveMartin. It was produced at New York City's Off-Broadway theater Classic Stage Company from April 4, 2002 through April 28, 2002.

!!Tropes featured include:
* AmbiguouslyJewish - Invoked by Cohen, who's pretending not to be Jewish (its early 20th century Germany, so...)
** "That's Cohen with a K"
* CaughtWithYourPantsDown
* DirtyOldWoman - Gertrude
* {{Farce}}
* PantyShot - the impetus for the main action. Before the play begins, Louise' underpants fall off while she standing on a bench trying to see the king.
* ShiksaGoddess - Louise to Cohen