''The Most Happy Fella'' is a musical in three acts with music, lyrics and libretto by Frank Loesser, based on the play ''Theatre/TheyKnewWhatTheyWanted'' by Sidney Howard.

The plot begins one January evening in 1927, when a middle-aged Italian grape farmer by the name of Antonio Esposito happens to dine at a restaurant in San Francisco. After closing time, one of the waitresses finds at her table a tie pin accompanied by a love letter written in broken English and addressed to "my dear Rosabella." Soon Tony and Rosabella are exchanging letters and photographs, but Tony is too shy to send a picture of himself and sends her instead one of his handsome young foreman, Joe. By the springtime, Rosabella leaves her home and job for Tony's ranch in the Napa Valley, where his neighbors and neighbors' neighbors have a big wedding party planned. The occasion is ruined by some unfortunate accidents, but despite their lasting consequences and over the unsatisfied objections of Tony's sister Marie, the marriage lasts.

The musical was first presented in 1956. A revival starring Giorgio Tozzi and Sharon Daniels was televised in 1980 by Creator/{{PBS}}.

!!Questo dramma musicale contiene questi tropi:

* AndHereHeComesNow: {{Lampshaded}} when Rosabella is singing that she loves Tony:
-->'''Cleo''': Don't tell me, kid, tell him. Tell him exactly how. And like they say in a musical comedy-- ''(dramatic chord)'' --here he comes now!
* BetaCouple: Herman and Cleo, though they don't meet until the second act.
* ButtMonkey: Herman gets pushed around a lot by Pasquale and the other workers, but he has no complaints until the last scene.
* GirlWatching: Herman and his pals, in the song "Standing On The Corner."
* GratuitousItalian: All over the place. "Abbondanza" and "Benvenuta" are sung entirely in Italian.
* HandsOnApproach: Cleo and Herman literally bond with each other when he teaches her how to paste labels on glue boxes.
* TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers: In the opening scene, Cleo describes what her customer left on her table:
-->"Seven million crumbs and a gravy spot,\\
Teaspoon stuck in the mustard pot,\\
Napkin on the floor,\\
Ashes in the cup\\
And--''one Canadian dime!''"
* NonstandardPrescription: Tony's doctor prescribes him (in song) [[FlorenceNightingaleEffect "love and kindness from the nurse."]]
* OliveGarden: The show is steeped in this atmosphere (GratuitousItalian and tarantellas abound), though set in the vineyards of Napa Valley, California.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Until the final scene, Tony and the audience don't know that Rosabella's real name is Amy.
* TakeBackYourGift: The last thing Rosabella does for Tony before leaving him is handing him back the amethyst tie-pin which he left her as a tip when she was working as a waitress and he first saw her. When they reconcile by doing a RelationshipReboot, he gives it to her again, this time in person.
* WanderlustSong: "Joey, Joey, Joey."
* WheelChairAntics: Tony enthusiastically joins the hoe-down in his wheelchair.