''Oh! Calcutta!'' is a play with music (but not a {{Musical}}). Famous mostly for the amount of nudity involved, the play has see several long running revivals on both Broadway and the West End.
!!''Oh! Calcutta!'' provides examples of:

* BilingualBonus: The play was named after [[http://garydexter.blogspot.com/2009/12/163-oh-calcutta-by-kenneth-tynan-and.html a painting of the same name]]. It's a French pun meaning "Oh, what a lovely ass you have!"
* DancePartyEnding: At least in the 1970 filmed version.
* ADateWithRosiePalms: One of the sketches is about a masturbation contest.
** Also, it was assumed that more than 90% of the people going to see the show were guys getting their rocks off.
* DreamBallet
* ExcitedShowTitle
* HelloNurse: Appropriately enough, the nurse in the Doctor's Office sketch.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfWriters: Sketches were written by (among others) Music/JohnLennon, Music/SamShepard and [[Theatre/WaitingForGodot Samuel Beckett]].
* LongRunner: ''Oh! Calcutta!'' was the longest-running revue on Broadway, was the longest running revival and is currently the eighth longest-running play in Broadway history.
* MaleFrontalNudity: Oh! So much!
* MoodWhiplash: At the end of the "Jack and Jill" sketch, Jack rapes Jill, leaving her alone and comatose at the top of the hill.
* PopculturalOsmosis: You know of this play as "that naked show" even if you don't know anything else about it.
* RapeAsDrama: See MoodWhiplash.
* SketchComedy: The show generally.
* SmallReferencePools: There have been other plays with lots of nudity, but with the possible exception of ''Theatre/{{Hair}}'', this is the most famous (and ''Hair'' doesn't have much nudity in it anyway, just a little bit at the end of Act I).