A "closet drama" by Creator/LordByron (no relation to [[BiTheWay that closet]]). It is written as a play but probably not intended by the author to actually be performed on the stage, as it would be hard to stage without AdaptationDecay.

The [[CharacterTitle eponymous]] Manfred is a Swiss nobleman with the magic power to summon spirits. He is [[{{Wangst}} thoroughly miserable]] over the loss of one Astarte, and tries to contact her to find out whether (1) she is in heaven, (2) he will ever be reunited with her, and (3) whether his sufferings will ever end.
!! ''Manfred'' contains examples of the following tropes:

* AuthorTract: At least a little bit.
* ByronicHero: Manfred is a classic example and TropeNamer.
* CanNotSpitItOut: Manfred spends a good chunk of the play telling one character or another that he can't explain what has made him so miserable.
* ComplimentBackfire: One evil spirit says of him, in apparent sincere admiration, [[YourApprovalFillsMeWithShame "Had he been one of us, he would have been an awful spirit."]]
* DealWithTheDevil: Defied: Manfred makes clear he got his power from the study of nature, not from selling his soul. In the final scene, demons show up to [[DraggedOffToHell drag Manfred to hell]] under the mistaken impression that he is a {{Faust}} {{Expy}}.
* ExecutiveMeddling: In the original print run, Byron's publisher, John Murray, deleted Manfred's last line of dialogue.
* {{Faust}}: Specifically referencing the [[Theatre/{{Faust}} drama by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]]. Invoked, then subverted, as Manfred just wants EasyAmnesia instead of knowledge.
* GodOfEvil: Arimanes. Manfred doesn't [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu deck him]] but he certainly stands up to him.
* ICannotSelfTerminate: Although Manfred is doing his best.
* LargeHam: Manfred himself. The Chamois Hunter calls him on it.
* TheLostLenore: All over the place.
* MagicMisfire: Manfred doesn't do very well when summoning spirits.
* NoodleIncident: Played for drama: It is never explained exactly what happened, but heavily implies that Astarte was Manfred's sister, maybe even twin, and that she was DrivenToSuicide over BrotherSisterIncest.
* PatrickStewartSpeech: Delivered by Manfred to the demons that want to take him to hell.
* ShoutOutToShakespeare: To ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'' and ''Theatre/{{Macbeth}}''.
* ShutUpHannibal: Manfred towards the demons.
** The demons are so chastened by this that they [[ExitVillainStageLeft exit stage left.]]
* SquishyWizard: Averted. Manfred casually wanders over pinnacles of the Alps where even chamois hunters fear to tread.