!From the [[Main/WonderWoman Comics]]
* The DownerEnding of ''Hiketeia''.
* ''Odyssey'' has the altered universe's version of Dr. Psycho bemoaning the fact that when everything is put right, he'll be a monster--and one of her enemies--again.
* From Phil Jimenez's run, the death of Hippolyta during the {{Our Worlds At War}} CrisisCrossover. Sacrificing herself to save Diana, Greece and the Earth (pretty much in that order) was heartwrenching to watch, as was Diana finding Hippolyta just in time to see her take her last breaths.
!From the [[WesternAnimation/WonderWoman 2009 DTV Animated Film]]
* Both [[spoiler: Alexa and Persephone's]] deaths have an element of tragedy to them. Though each for differing reasons.