* Zeus and Hera losing Hercules. You're not given as much time to feel bad thanks to happy adoptive parents and Pain and Panic getting the crap beaten out of them, but it's still pretty sad.
** It's bad enough when Zeus howls in rage, all Hera does is scream, then collapse into tears.
* Herc being [[AllOfTheOtherReindeer bullied]] by everyone else in town he grew up in. Herc is REALLY good at [[TheWoobie looking like a kicked puppy]].
* The first part of Herc's number "Go The Distance", where he sings about how he feels like he doesn't belong. For anyone who [[AllOfTheOtherReindeer was a loner as a teenager]], it's too relateable.
* [[BrokenBird Meg]]'s story. She ''sold her soul to Hades'' to save her boyfriend, and he thanks her how? By [[JerkAss running off with another woman!]] Meg's face when Hades brings this up says it all.
* This exchange. Listen to Meg. We already know she's a BrokenBird, and here it is taken UpToEleven.
-->'''Hercules:''' [[IJustWantToBeNormal You know, when I was a kid, I would've given anything to be exactly like everybody else.]]\\
'''Meg:''' You wanted to be petty and dishonest?\\
'''Hercules:''' Everybody's not like that\\
'''Meg:''' Yes, they are...\\
'''Hercules:''' [[ObliviousGuiltSlinging You're not like that.]]\\
'''Meg:''' How do you know what I'm like?\\
'''Hercules:''' All I know is you're the most amazing person with... weak ankles I've ever met. Meg... when I'm with you, I don't feel so... alone.\\
'''Meg:''' Sometimes it's better to be alone.\\
'''Hercules:''' What do you mean?\\
'''Meg:''' Nobody can hurt you.
* When Phil discovers that Meg is (reluctantly) working with Hades and attempts to warn Herc, Herc just goes into complete denial, leading him to hit Phil in a blind rage. The look of hurt on Phil's face right after this shows just how much this has affected him emotionally.
** "I thought you were gonna be the all time champ...not the all time ''chump''."
* After Hercules loses his strength, Hades, Pain, and Panic humiliate him in front of Meg, causing her to cry.
* Hercules loses his super strength after fully realizing his betrayal by Meg and his betrayal of Phil. Cyclops is yelling for him to come fight, and he goes.
-->'''Megara:''' What are you doing? Without your strength you'll be killed!\\
'''Hercules:''' (''dully'') There are worse things.
* Hercules's BigNo when he sees that Meg's been crushed after pushing him out of the way of a falling column. Sadly the mood does ''not'' improve as Herc gets his powers back and gets it off her.
-->'''Meg:''' Hades' deal is broken, he promised I wouldn't get hurt.
* Meg's death. You get a lot of focus on her dying in pain with Phil beside her - and adults will realize she must be in ''agony''. And then Herc's rushing back to try and see her before she dies (even though there's not a whole lot he could've done), while the Fates prepare to snip her thread. [[DiedInYourArmsTonight And she]] ''[[DiedInYourArmsTonight doesn't]]'' [[DiedInYourArmsTonight die in his arms.]] She dies and she doesn't even get to see him. And Herc arrives to see her lying there clearly dead, and pale, and limp. Herc holds her and starts sobbing manly tears, and she's just lying limp in his arms. You hardly ever see somebody actually dead ''on screen'' in anything below a PG-13. But here you're given a good thirty seconds to take in this heart-wrenching moment. You must cry. You ''must''.
** If that won't yank the heartstrings, then Tate Donovan's voice acting will.
** Even when you ''know'' that Meg's going to get better, you still cry a little bit at the way Hercules is sobbing over her pale body and the way he's cradling her corpse in his arms.
** Even ''PHIL'' is upset during this scene and he hated Meg up until she came to tell him Hercules was in trouble.
--->'''Phil:''' I'm sorry, kid. There are some things you just can't change.
* The end. When a constellation is created for Hercules, his trainer, Philoctetes is awed. Someone points out the constellation, saying, "That's Phil's boy!", and Phil sheds a tear of joy, having just realized his life's ambition.
* Phil after it seems like Hercules [[DisneyDeath dies]] along with the hydra.
-->'''Phil:''' There goes another one, just like [[MyGreatestFailure Achilles]]...