InAWorld where zombies rule the Earth and the worst aspects of human nature are shown, it's evident that there will be moments like this.

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!The comic

[[folder: ''Volume 4: The Heart's Desire'' ]]

* Carol slitting her wrists after breaking up with Tyreese, who was given oral sex by Michonne, and how it leads to Tyreese and Rick fighting and permanently testing their friendship.


[[folder: ''Volume 7: The Calm Before'' ]]

* Carol's suicide after [[BreakTheCutie gradually being broken mentally]]. Everyone watches on in horror as she walks into the zombie's reach, and Sophia's vacant stare afterwards is particularly upsetting.


[[folder: ''Volume 8: Made To Suffer'' ]]

* In general, The Governor's attack on the prison and the casualties suffered. Most notably Hershel desperately dragging a shocked Billy to safety, only for Billy to be shot in the neck, leading to Hershel losing the will to live and pleading for the Governor to kill him. Similarly, following the Governor's orders, a soldier named Lily Caul shoots and kills Lori, who falls to the ground and crushes her baby daughter. Unable to cope with what she's done, Lily murders the Governor in cold blood. The final panel of the volume is Rick and Carl alone, tearfully embracing.


[[folder: ''Volume 10: What We Become'' ]]

* Abraham, Carl, and Rick sitting beside the car talking. From Abraham's story in which several people in the first group he's joined up with raping his wife, daughter and two other girls while making his son watch. When he finds out, he goes on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge which scares his family enough to cause them to leave. He goes after them, and when he finds them, they'd been attacked, with his daughter zombified, forcing him to kill her. Then he joins up with Rosita and Eugene's group, three people try to take some supplies and leave, forcing him to kill them. He then sits crying, wondering if he's become a monster like the zombies around them. Rick then tells how he killed Dexter during the roamer fight, and how he ran over Martinez with the RV before beating him to death. Rick then says that what they're doing is necessary to protect those they care for, and how he worries about what would happen if Carl knew. And if that weren't enough, Carl talks about how he shot Shane in the neck to protect Rick, and how he wished he could kill the man who killed Lori and Judith, as well as help kill the man who tried to rape him. The scene ends with Carl and Rick embracing in tears while Abraham sits silently next to them.
* Morgan saying good-bye to his zombie son.


[[folder: ''Volume 11: Fear The Hunters'' ]]

* Even though they were cannibals, Chris' group needed to survive. And the look on his face before Rick's group kills them was just heart breaking.


[[folder: ''Volume 14: No Way Out'' ]]

* Morgan talking to Carl on his deathbed. Made even worse when he confuses Carl with his son. Guy just can't catch a break.


[[folder: ''Volume 17: Something To Fear'' ]]

* The absolutely brutal death of Glenn at the hands of Negan and his baseball bat as several of the other survivors are ForcedToWatch.


[[folder: ''Volume 24: Life And Death'' ]]

* Alpha kills Ezekiel, Rosita (who was pregnant with Eugene's baby) and ten other survivors of the Kingdom, Alexandria and the Hilltop by luring them out into the open by posing as a friend of Rick's. The worst part is that both victims wanted to rebuild their relationships with their lovers before getting decapitated. There heads are latter seen on pikes outside of Alexandria, where Rick's group mercy kills them along with the other victims of the Whisperers.
** The massive funeral montage (used to be pictured earlier), which shows the friends and family of the killed characters grieving and screaming at Rick to do something about what happened.
** Even [[EvenEvilHasStandards Alpha herself]] is later seen crying after the massacre.


[[folder: ''Volume 28: A Certain Doom'' ]]

* The death of '''Andrea'''. From [[NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished her zombie bite on her neck happening]] [[HeroicSacrifice as a result of saving Eugene]] [[ItsAllMyFault (with Eugene later crying and believing that it was his fault)]] to Carl holding back his tears, to everyone (even '''Negan''', of all people) giving their condolences, to Rick and Andrea's final conversation, [[DrivenToSuicide to Rick initially wanting to let a zombified Andrea bite him]], and finally, [[MercyKill Rick tearfully stabbing Zombie!Andrea's head to kill her for good]]. All in all, this may count as one of the most traumatising, devastating and saddening deaths one can ever read about in the history of ''Comicbook/TheWalkingDead'', since '''Glenn''', which says a lot of things. Robert Kirkman wasn't joking when he said from issue 166's Letter Hacks that the next issue containing this certain death would be a "big deal".
** It's more saddening when you notice that [[HistoryRepeats Andrea became infected by being bitten on the right side of her neck, just like her sister and lover before her, with the latter of the two having enough time to provide thoughtful, heartwrenching advice all while dying by their lover's side, which is what Andrea did.]]
** The last ever exchange:
-->'''Rick:''' I love you so much.\\
''(Andrea looks back at Rick, with a smile and tears falling down her face)''\\
'''Andrea: [[FamousLastWords Yeah, you do.]]'''
** Even worse, in the issue that contained her death, there was no monthly Letter Hacks '''at all''', only a eulogy written by Robert Kirkman himself:
-->''I'm sorry.\\
I'm sorry to my fans and to myself and to Andrea. I feel like I killed a close friend. The deaths in this series are never taken lightly, they're never done with a sense of glee. They weigh on me the same way they weigh on you. These characters are very real to me, and their deaths are very upsetting even to me.\\
I plotted this issue out during a plane ride a few months ago. I plot my stories down with a pencil and paper, and there I was in my seat. blocking out scenes and writing dialogue notes, surrounded by strangers who probably thought I was jotting down a shopping list. As I was writing some of the moments in this issue, I started crying. I found myself glancing around, wiping my eyes, hoping no one would notice. I've been living with this death for months now... and I don't like it.\\
I had plenty of time to change my mind. I had plenty of time to just not do it. I am in control of this story after all. But honestly, sometimes it feels like I'm not. This was one of those times. I don't like this. I don't want this. I want Andrea to live. I want to write more stories with her. I want to see her and Rick grow old together, watching Carl grow up and have kids of his own. I want that kind of happiness for these characters.\\
And yet, here we are.\\
Andrea is dead and the story moves on. I don't know why this had to happen... but I know it did. I know this is another important turning point in the life of this series. I know Andrea's death will mean something, that it will resonate the stories moving forward for years to come. But I still don't like it. It still upsets me.\\
I loved Andrea and I will truly miss her.\\
- Robert Kirkman''
** The ending of this volume makes an even bigger pile on this moment. [[DownerEnding Despite fending off the Whisperer's zombie herd and beginning cleaning up Alexandria, Rick cannot speak a word, and goes outside to sleep on Andrea's grave.]] This demonstrates that despite her helpful and inspirational words for him to continue being a leader, her death still happened, and he couldn't stop it.


[[folder: ''Volume 29: Lines We Cross'' ]]

* Aaron and Jesus discover that Beta was a famous NBA player, and lament that he went from riches to surviving in the woods.
* Maggie confronts Negan in a truly gut-wrenching scene. Negan begins outright begging Maggie to kill him, ashamed of killing Glenn and everything else he's done. He comes to a realization that Glenn was Maggie's Lucille, and accepts his death at her hands. At one point, he even grabs her hand with the gun and forces it towards his forehead, highlighting just how desperate and willing he is to let Maggie get his revenge on him.
-->''"I can't live like this. I can't be alone. I can't... This is what I '''deserve'''. Pull the trigger, Maggie. '''DO IT! PLEASE.''' Picture Glenn's face. Remember that. Remember '''that'''?! Remember what I did? '''That's''' who I am! That's what I'm capable of. I could do that again. I want this. '''Please.''' I want it all to end. I'm ready for this to be over! I '''want''' you to kill me. Will you '''please''' just kill me?! '''Please!''' [-Please.-]"''
** Maggie coldly, calmly asks if Negan can remember his dead wife and her voice. Negan begins wistfully recalling it... only for Maggie to cut him off and snarl that whenever she tries to remember Glenn's voice, she hears him screaming her name in his garbled dying breaths. And when she tries to remember his face, she sees his eye hanging out of his skull and his head smashed in. All while Negan [[MoralEventHorizon laughed and smiled]]. Negan is so shaken that he fully admits that he deserves to die at her hands.
!The novels

!!Rise Of The Governor

!!The Road To Woodbury

* Josh telling Lilly about the fate of his mother. When he got home from work he found her remains spread out across the table at his house. Apparently, she [[GenreBlind mistook the zombies for starving homeless people and let them inside herself.]]
* Josh's death. Its extremely sudden and happens right after he and Lilly have a falling out after she told him that she might not actually love him. What makes it worse is just how senseless it was, he didn't get attacked by a walker or suffer an accident, no. He died because he refused to hand over a bag of supplies he found to the butcher, who was already working him like a dog and driving up his debt to him. The kindest, nicest person to survive the zombie apocalypse and he gets shot in the back of the head out of petty greed. [[HumansAreTheRealMonsters Damn.]]

!!Fall Of The Governor